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Red Robin #15: The Hit List

 Tim Confronts Captain Boomerang.
"I'm Standing Right Here." - Tim Drake/Red Robin. Red Robin - The Hit List Part Three Is Here! With writer Fabian Nicieza taking control of Tim's story, there is no worries. When Tim is targeted of assassination, he might have to give his secret identity up to protect the ones he holds dear. Tim is never without a plan, when Vicki Vale gets to close to finding out the identities of Tim and his partners, Tim might have to send Damian Wayne to kill her. NO! Plans will go array, and a new story will open in the closing of "The Hit List", we can only hope that Tim survives in this issue.  

The Good

Tim has always been one of my favorite "Bat-Family" members. His comedic charm is different from Dick, this makes him unique from all the other Robins. With the Hit-List story line closing, another will open up. Bringing Tim Drake to the edge of his chair (or Red Robin Cape). The artist (Marcus To and Ray McCarthy) did an amazing job with the art. While I still want to see Chris Yost to return to the series, the current roster of Red Robin writers is still incredible. Bringing fresh, cool and original stories that will make you want more and more. With Red Robin, nothing ever goes as planed, so when you fly in the sky without wings, you've got to improvise! 

The Bad

 Chaos Below, Peace Above
While the story is ending (sadness). Tim Drake getting assassinated was to cliche', I knew he wasn't going to die. Because if you look at "future" titles of Batman and such, you can see Tim Drake still acting as Red Robin. So 'death' for Tim Drake, would make a whole bunch of fans angry and also Tim's haters happy. This issue also dragged, and seemed to over carry things.  

The Verdict

 Everything Ends Well
In the end, Tim doesn't die. He is currently pretending to be hurt for a total year! Will see how this carries on, if he decides to carry on the pretending. This is a good jumping on point for people who have not read "Red Robin." Overall this is a 4 out of 5. Thanks To Primmaster64 for the images! 
Posted by Primmaster64

Awesome review bro!

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