herx's Red Robin #15 - The Hit List, Part 3: Secret Identity Crisis review

I am on record as recommending we simply terminate the reporter.

He's making his list, and cheking it tice, gona finde out if youve been naughty or nice, Red Robins coming to town.............or was it santa that was ment to be going into that song? Well eitehr way Tims made his list of rouges that have to be systamatically taken down to prove his point, and this time it's the egiptian assassin Scarab, and it seems that the only way to suceed with that is to place a big bulls eye on his own head and hope that Wise and Cavallo ( the 2 crooked GCPD officers ) take the bait.  
This issues starts out with Tim, on 2 crutches and leg braces, stearing down Captain Boomarang ( the man who killed his father ) through prizon glass, as Boomarang has come back to life with 11 other characters in the Brightest day story ( this is not a brightest da tie in by the way. Just look at the top of the cover. See, no brightest day ). The issue then moves back a couple of days as Red Robin breaks into Viki Vales apartment to finde any evidence that would alow her to finde out the true identities of the Bat-family ( as she hinted it in the last issue, and was practicaly hunting Tim down in the previous storylines ). He findes a pin up board with the faces various Robin's, Batgirls, and Batman with corosponding news articals, pictures of the wayn family and postets with question marks on them. Vale has a huinch of what most of their identities are, but no solid facts. So Tim sets up a plan to catch Scareb, bring Wise and Cavallo down and to get Viki off her hunch compleatly, and all through the means of his assassination. To say more would be to ruin this story, and so i stope here.  
Issue #15 of Red Robin is a nice one. Even though it's following a storyline it's been self contained, so that any new reader could pick it up and understand ( mostly ) whats going on. This story arc is a compleat 180 to the previous one, where Tim threw himself into the breech by himslef with no backup at all ( untill the end ), but now he's surounded by various members of the Bat-family, not to mention brining in help from some of his other connections, and so were seeing a new Red Robin whose on a new mission, but who's willing to ask for help when he needs it. One of my meany compliments to this series, as well as the brilliant stories, is that the artwork seems to fit the characters and that continued compoliment of mine is to continue saying how good the artwork is here in this issue.  
So my final verdict is buy Red Robin #15. Long time readers of the series will not be disapointed, and as well as that, due to the self contained nature of the stories from issue 13 onwards, its new reader friendly. So if your a new reader, pick this issue up. Seriously its good, or as a famouse cereal brand tigre once told me, It's grrrrrrrrrrrreat! 
Posted by SuperTide

Will be picking up this issue on my next trip to the comic shop and this review definitely has me looking forward to it.

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