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Smooth transition

I was worried when they replaced Christopher Yost on this book, I thought he did an excellent job without simply cloning another bat book. All that aside Fabien Nicieza has handled the transition well.  

I like the way he's set's out his stall that Tim still wants to be his own man, not part of a three man band with his brothers. Also it's made clear he's got a plan, he's not just rushing into things. But on the back of that he's not Bruce's equal yet so he still makes mistakes like paying attention to Damian (haha!) and the other little twist. 
I  did think the issue plodded along a little, particularly the scenes with Tam & Lucius. I just felt like not much happened considering how many panels it took. Still it's a minor gripe in what's otherwise a pretty good issue and hopefully a good start to Nicieza's run. 
****EDIT Almost forgot to comment on a major part of the smooth transition....Marcus To's art, he's just consistently excellent


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