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Better than batman???

Let me start off by saying I've really enjoyed Yost's run on RR, I'm gutted he hasn't been given more time as it feels like Yost was only getting started.  
The Good 
Once again Yost makes a point of demonstrating why Tim is fated to be better than Bruce. In a previous issue he focussed on his training from some of the best in the world and how he has taken on their strengths but eliminated their weaknesses, this issue moves to his detective skills and friends within the DC universe. Yost has really made a point of saying Tim's not better than Batman yet, but he's got all the attributes to be even better in the future. The fact Ra's deems him worthy of calling him 'detective' says a lot.  
Also every scene with Damian....brilliant. 
The Bad 
I thought Tim's plan for saving himself was lame, after all his in depth planning he left it to chance??? I get the whole trust thing but seriously he didn't have a plan B & C??? I know it's nit-picking but it kinda bugged me. 
Also what were the big changes to the costume?? 
A good end to a brilliant run, it's really helped me understand Tim's character. I'd recommend the whole run to anybody interested Tim.  
PS This issue is worth buying alone just for Damian's scenes.


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    GOOOD 0

     I’ve recently decided that Tim Drake/Robin #3/Red Robin is my second favorite superhero in comics.  This issue wrapped up Yost’s run on the book and a year long storyline.  It was incredibly satisfying.  Marcus To’s artwork is progressively getting better.  There was a sort of sexist quip by Damian, but he’s a dick (one who’s growing on me).  The new costume looks good even though I sort of liked how it was in two parts before and now it’s in one.  Overall, I was really thrilled with it....

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