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Red Robin Takes Wing..

O.K., I've been well aware of all the Batttle for the Cowl Batman and related tie-in books but I've avoided them because it seemed like overkill, despite some of the great art I'd seen on the covers and interiors.  It is possible, however, I will go back and get the actual Battle for the Cowl Series, now that I've read Red Robin #1. 

This was really good.  I saw G-Man's review and I was interested due to several reasons, but I can't delve into too many because it would reveal a bit about the character. 

So I picked this up.  Glad I did, because I like the concept, the premise behind the character, as he has a legitimate reason to don the costume and do what he does. 

G-Man already explained a bit about the story itself, so I will avoid re-hashing what he's already said and just bring up some good and bad points. 

The great part about this was not only the concept, like I said, but the story, and most importantly, the pacing of the story was superb.  It really gave a "feel" to the fact this character is bad-ass, and won't pull any punches.  Great action scenes, plus even if you are a completely new reader, you WILL want to know what has previously happened with Bruce Wayne and the entire Batman Battle for the Cowl series. 

The only minor points I felt were "bad" was that the inking was a bit heavy handed and the colors a bit too muted at times.  However, the action, the background, and most everything else compensated for any negative points. 

Another thing I found annoying was the entire "soap opera" aspect between several of the characters, and I agree, the "new" Robin IS an ass, but then again, look where he inherited his 'tude. 

However, it helped illustrate the devotion that Red Robin has for a certain "missing" flying rodent vigilante.  What I also found a bit out of place was the fact  Red Robin used a print map for Paris.   Uhhmmm.....wouldn't he have a GPS or Google Map on a portable electronic device like an IPhone or other instrument?  

Red Robin, in a similar costume, made his "first appearance" in Kingdom Come, but that was ane Elseworlds tale.  

I like the idea now of this character doing what he is doing, and this identitiy, and hope it continues. 

Pick it up if you're a Batman fan, well worth it, it will have you intrigued and wondering how this will play out. 

Posted by SUNMAN

yeah the whole " "soap opera" aspect between several of the characters, and I agree, the "new" Robin IS an ass, but then again, look where he inherited his 'tude. "  thing you mentioned. That was one of my 3 problems with the books.

The only other issues I had were, the reason he decided to take up the Red Robin alter ego, and why is he in Paris. I see no reason for him to be in Paris. 
Posted by Decept-O

It never really is explained, perhaps that will be addressed in #2 or another issue down the road as will why did don the costume.  We know he is searching for answers to Bruce Wayne's "death", and it ties in, but what else is going on, if anything?  Maybe he just wants to be a hero.  I'm liking this, and will continue with this title, it's the first single character super hero book that I've been interested in with DC outside of Batman and some Green Lantern issues.

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