How many Red Rangers are there?

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I've heard that every incarnation of Power Rangers has had a Red Ranger. How many have there been so far?

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21 off the top of my head. That doesn't count the new Red Ranger from the upcoming series Megaforce.

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23 according to the wiki.

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Main Red Rangers:

1. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers -Jason Lee Scott -->Rocky DeSantos

2. Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers -Aurico

3. Power Rangers Zeo -Tommy Oliver

4. Power Rangers Turbo -Tommy Oliver -->T.J. Johnson

5. Power Rangers In Space -Andros

6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy -Leo Corbett

7. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue -Carter Grayson

8. Power Rangers Time Force -Alex -->Wesley Collins

9. Power Rangers Wild Force -Cole Evans

10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm -Shane Clarke

11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder -Conner McKnight

12. Power Rangers S.P.D. -Jack Landers --> Sky Tate --> Bridge Carson

13. Power Rangers Mystic Force -Nick Russel

14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive -Mack Hartford

15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury -Casey Rhodes

16. Power Rangers R.P.M. -Scott Truman

17. Power Rangers Samurai -Jayden Shiba

18. Power Rangers Super Samurai -Jayden Shiba -->Lauren Shiba

19. Power Rangers Megaforce -Troy Burrows

Other Red Rangers:

1. Red Wild West Ranger -Rocko

2. Quantum Ranger -Eric Myers

3. Crimson Thunder Ranger -Hunter Bradley

4. Wolf Warrior -Leanbow

5. Ancient Red Samurai Ranger -Grand Shogun

Evil Red Rangers:

1. Dark Red Ranger -Justin

2. Red Psycho Ranger -Psycho Red

3. A-Squad Red Ranger -Charlie

Total: 30

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