Aid In Finding a Picture

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ok u want a guy who has big tits and pink hair haha

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well u aint gonna find any straight ones....what is this for anyway

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i cant think of anyone off the top of my head bro sorry. i dont know many comic characters based on hair

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Geta pic of Conan and make his hair red.

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aztek the lost said:

Darkchild says:

"well u aint gonna find any straight ones....what is this for anyway"

well, the hair doesn't have to be the same, sorry I forgot to look at the picture, I meant to do one of the pictures where she has red hair

but I was just hoping for some people to have ideas of a character that looked similar, because there obviously won't be exact matches and I need a picture of a red-haired male warrior for my gallery (as a character)


I have the perfect charactere for  you Renji Abaria from Bleach he doesnt look to similar but he has red hair
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I need help finding a pic of Franklin Richards using the phoenix force please... :]

He's the one next to Rogue...

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