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Who is it that brings death to all on Ysmault? Jack Moore could not have become a Red Lantern at a more apocalyptic time. But what's worse: being caught in Atrocitus and Bleez's civil war, or taking the blame for the infection spreading throughout the Red Lantern Corps? Facing extinction, how long until all the Red Lanterns burn out?

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A Phoenix of Blood 0

This issue begins in a flashback, where Abysmus delivers some painfully clunky dialogue, reiterating out loud to himself, what he told Atrocitus last issue. Two hours later.Then this issue begins to deliver a much more streamlined and interesting storyline that would've been much appreciated several months ago. Basically the problem was the long drawn out setup of Bleez's coup. That's the main element that poisoned this series. I liked Bleez plenty, but Milligan's doing such a terrible job with ...

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Warned me of this day 0

Over the first few issues of this series I thought that the series would focus primarily on Atrocitus and gives some insight into his behaviour, as the first few issues featured some of the uses of his rage for reasons which would not necessarily be considered ethical (though the interesting part was that maybe they could be as well.)  Of course in retrospect I guess that would not be enough to sustain a series off of, namely in that it would get kind of repetitive.  When that was taken from thi...

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