delphic's Red Lanterns #4 - The Departed review

Trusting Issues

This is a decent issue, but there’s nothing really miraculous about it. This issue follows mostly the thoughts of Atroticus and his newfound mistrust of the newly enlightened Bleez. His distrust in her is so great that he throws three more lanterns in the blood ocean of Ysmult, and we see glimses of their back stories. There is also uneventful story telling in the side plotline involving Raymond and his brother, with no real development outside the police are chasing Raymond now. Given the choice a second time around I would probably pass on this issue, and I really hope this is not the beginning of a decline trend for what so far has been a stellar series.

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Posted by ThePRez

I was a fan of the Red Lantern but this book have affect a lot of the characters

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