matkrenz's Red Lanterns #2 - Pure Rage review

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Review for Red Lanterns #2. 

The Story:

On a war torn planet, two pilots acidentally kill children and Atro decides to deal justice and back on Ysmault he decides to raise the intelligence of one of his soldiers in order to help him in his crusade. 

The Good:

In this issue Milligan does a job at exploring how easy rage can be born in people, especially from pointless combat. Here we have soldiers thinking they have killed enemy soldiers but in reality killed kids in front of their sisters, birthing rage into her and it will fuel her to go into the army to kill the enemie. Milligan shows us that rage is perpetual. I also find Atro's starting his quest with a special selection of his corps to be an interesting idea and it will give us an incite in the other corpsemen when they will fight for Atro's choice. 

The Bad:

Nothing much happens and I wished more would happen in the second issue. 
The Verdict: The exploration of rage is a very interesting theme to explore in this series but nothing much happens in the issue but hopefully it will pick up. Don't buy this.
Posted by Silkcuts

I think the problem with this book is its vertigo style writing will make better read in trade.

Posted by MatKrenz

@Silkcuts: I guess, but I have read some random Hellblazer issues and they felt like there was more in there.

Posted by Silkcuts
@MatKrenz: I hear ya. Pacing is key.

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