Red Lanterns #16

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The Good 

Look, I love Atrocitus but there comes a certain point where you just have to stop letting yourself down. I think I gave this series a dozen issues or so where I really wanted it to rock, but sadly, it didn't. We're at issue 16 now and unfortunately (yet unsurprisingly) there isn't a significant boost in quality, but it remains steady at a "meh" level (professional term, I know).  
While nothing truly won me over in this book, you can't deny the fact it covers a lot of ground. While Atrocitus naturally takes up most of the time, there's also a fair amount of focus on Bleez/Rankorr and even Ratchet. The latter's development will see the return of a team introduced not too long ago and the former brings back a very familiar face. The issue accomplishes a lot... it's just a shame that none of it really pulls you in and delivers the kind of shock value that it should.

The Bad 

If we're going to be brutally honest, the real highlight of this series was Miguel Angel Sepulveda's art.  Just look at that cover! His art can turn even a lackluster scene into a badass panel. While he provided a great cover, he's unfortunately not illustrating the issue and his absence is definitely noticed. Andres Guinaldo steps in to provide pencils and while he does an alright job, it just doesn't give the book as much life or any jaw dropping moments. A panel of Atrocitus surrounded by and grappling with Manhunters should look epic. We should feel the impact of their robotic bodies clashing against him, but unfortunately it's nowhere near as exciting as it should be. Speaking of the Manhunters, there were quite a few moments where they looked more organic than synthetic. And Alpha Manhunters? Can't say I've ever heard of that before... 
Sadly, the focus on Rankorr and Bleez was filled with awkward dialogue. There's quite a few lines that simply don't feel natural ("I'm being attacked by... monsters!") and seeing a rift grow between these two isn't exactly something that piques my interest at the moment, especially when so many other things are currently happening. Additionally, if Ratchet floats, why'd he fall?    

The Verdict 

Let me get this straight... we don't even get to see the most gripping part in the next issue? The story with the Manhunter's assaulting Oa continues over in GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #1? Well, there goes my strongest motivation to continue with this one. 
If you think the series has been alright so far, odds are your feelings will remain the same for this latest issue. That said, it's just too bad the change in art takes away this book's strongest advantage. But, if you're waiting for the series to improve before jumping back on, then you'll have to keep waiting. 

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