Red Lanterns 13

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With blood and spoilers of crimson red...

The Good

The biggest compliment I can give this issue is that it looks solid. Artist Miguel Sepulveda provides some exceptional detail and use of shading at times. He does a great job illustrating impact and momentum and this really brings the final battle to life.

You can't help but appreciate the twisted visuals as a character is sent smashing through the woods, a head is effortlessly ripped off or when an arm is violently pulled from a shoulder. There's some brutal panels to be found in here and it's easily the highlight of this issue. Seeing as the action and the aesthetics are the best part of the issue, that definitely benefits the cliffhanger and gives some hope for a better follow-up issue and spending more time on the characters we actually care about.

The Bad

Call me heartless, but I didn't care for the tragic tale that lured in the Red Lanterns. It's a story all too familiar and ultimately only served as a tool to get the corps and the Third Army in the same location. Sadly, this takes up just under half the issue. It absolutely could have been shorter, allotting more time for the best part of the issue: the battle. Also, I'd much rather see that time spent on the key characters.

Unfortunately, I thought a lot of Atrocitus's dialogue was really corny. It's as if he only spoke to spell out what we already knew thanks to the artwork. "My mightiest blow doesn't stop them!" "The fire of the Red Lanterns doesn't burn them." It just seems totally redundant because Sepulveda's art does a more than able job showcasing this.

The Verdict

I want to like RED LANTERNS. Really, I swear I do. I love Atrocitus and I think his corps has potential for so many great stories. It's just too bad this isn't one of them. The issue looks good and has some harsh action, but it's weighed down by cheesy dialogue and a plot that doesn't feel especially inspired. It's an okay issue, but I can't really recommend it unless you're a completionist with the urge to collect everything related to Rise of the Third Army. Here's hoping the next issue is better!

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