queso6p4's Red Lanterns #12 - Nectar review

More Garbage

I hate to say it but this series has degenerated into pointless chaos, disjointed fight scenes, and putrid stagnation.


Not much. I think the art suits the issue but only at certain times. It particularly seemed weirdly out of place and not very distinct on the last few pages. There is a panel (or 2) that links what’s happening in this series to what’s going on in Green Lantern but that does nothing in the way of saving this train wreck of an issue.


The issue in general. There’s more virtually useless rehashing of the source of Atrocitus’s rage, more horrible scripting a la “Purple isn’t my color,” and more heavily cliché exchanges between Fatality and Bleez, and the elephant in the room-nothing really happens in this issue to mark progress except for a spoiler that I won’t describe here. That being said, this only development only comes into play because of a plot device that is, while being somewhat creative, still largely falls flat when brought into play. Add to this the fact that Rankorr’s ability to somehow maintain a good amount of access to both his humanity and rationale while being a Red Lantern is left completely untouched/unaddressed, and you have one stinker of an issue.

Closing remarks:


The only reason I’d recommend this issue is if you’d read/bought all of the proceeding ones and didn’t want any gaps in your collection. I consider buying this issue a waste of money and it’s a shame because this series had a pretty decent start and was taking an interesting direction with respect to Krona, Atrocitus, and the newly baptized Red Lanterns. What a shame.


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