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PROLOGUE TO THE THIRD ARMY! Don’t miss this secret chapter of the Red Lantern Corps, as the legacy of Atrocitus’s violent past unfolds! Witness a prophecy that threatens to change everything!

Ryutt years ago... Atros, the alien who is destined to become Atrocitus, listens as his daughter Trakka, tries to tell him the Manhunters on the planet are acting strange. Atros, dismisses his daughters thoughts as those of a child. But then across the planet, a Manhunters started kill citizen. Soon the Manhunters were killing everyone, including Atros' wife and two daughters.

Sometime later, Quinn and his sister Roixaeume come to Ryutt and find Atros still alive strangling a Manhunters shell. The siblings bring Atros into there group with, Orphram and Dal-Xauix, and called themselves the Five Inversions.

The group rampaged the sector, killing Manhunter and anyone they could find. Then Atros and Roixaeume mated, although Atros was only using her to learn blood magic.

Then when Atros caught a Guardian of the Universe, he kill him and used his blood to see a prophecy of the future. Atros saw himself standing over the corpses of the other Inversions.

Eons later... The Guardians stopped the Inversions and imprisoned them on Ysmault. There Atros broke free, killed the other Inversions and used there blood to create the Red Lantern Battery, and becomes Atrocitus.

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