Red Lantern #5 (Spoiler if you haven't read the issue)

#1 Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee (13627 posts) - - Show Bio

For those who have read RL #5, after months of anticipation, John Moore of Earth was finally inducted into the Red Lantern Corps. Since its birth, its been debated whether or not someone from Earth should wield a Red Ring (excluded Hal and Guy, i dont count them.) Of course, we were teased by DC when Dex-Starr received a ring because he is from earth, but is a cat, not a human. BUT NOW we have a human and I LOVE it! Point of this is: What are your feelings about the Red Lanterns gaining their first Human full-time into their corps and how do you think this will play out in the future with Hal, Kyle, John, and Guy?

#2 Posted by BloodTalon (444 posts) - - Show Bio

I am way more interested in the other members of the corps I don't think they needed a human but I don't hate him I just don't care

#3 Posted by sagejonathan (2134 posts) - - Show Bio

I think its pretty cool. Like BloodTalon mentioned, it wasn't needed but i think its a nice addition.

#4 Posted by SuperShafe (470 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Dex-Starr

#5 Posted by BloodTalon (444 posts) - - Show Bio

@SuperShafe: Yes Dex-Star is BA. what do you think should Dex-Star become Atrocitus's new confidante?

#6 Posted by SuperShafe (470 posts) - - Show Bio

@BloodTalon: Well i haven't been reading the series so I don't really have an opinion as to what happens in the RLC. I just happen to like the kitty kat red lantern.

#7 Posted by TheRedRobin96 (334 posts) - - Show Bio

Dex Starr is Awesome, human Red Lantern could go either way

#8 Posted by Joygirl (20026 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually despise Rankorr. Wish he'd take a hike or at least a back-burner.

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