Off My Mind: New Protectors of Earth in the New 52

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Lately there's been a lot of shake ups happening in the New 52 universe. The Justice League are in the midst of the Trinity War, which is leading into Villains Month and Forever Evil. While all this will be affecting most of the heroes on Earth, it turns out there's a lot happening outside of Earth as well.


October will be a busy month for the Green Lantern Corps. We're already saw some crazy things happen in GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #23 (did an entire Corps just get wiped out?). Relic is on a mission to destroy all the Lantern Corps and he's targeting their central power batteries. This could be the meaning behind the name of the mini-event, Lights Out.

The good or bad thing is we can find out a little about what happens after the month long event based on the solicits for November 2013. Normally we try to avoid them but one was pointed out and it re-defines what's going to be happening around Earth in the New 52.

The Green Lantern Corps will no longer be the protectors of Sector 2814.

That means Earth is no longer under their protection. We can only speculate what that must mean. Something happens during Lights Out that causes them to stop being able to protect the sector. It could be either their reputation gets even worse than it is now or, more likely, they are stretched so far after the battle they no longer have the manpower (alien power?) to appoint someone to watch over things. This seems a little odd considering the Green Lantern Corps new leader, Hal Jordan, along with John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are all from Earth. Who knows what will happen with Simon Baz or the new female Earth Lantern he trains.

Who will protect Earth and the entire sector?


You might have noticed one Earth Lantern off. According to the solicit for RED LANTERNS #25, Sector 2814 is now "the sole province of Guy Gardner and the Red Lanterns."

Guy Gardner may have good intentions deep down somewhere. He was supposed to infiltrate the Red Lanterns and operate undercover but trying to contain the power is likely having some ill effects upon him. They may be a force of rage and vengeance against those who wrong the innocent but their methods will definitely be called into question. Some might feel a stronger hand is needed when deadly supervillains are allowed to perform vile acts over and over with little repercussions from the heroes. It would be hard to believe Hal Jordan and the other heroes of Earth will be okay with the Red Lanterns watching over everything.

Will this, in any way, tie into Forever Evil? If we can assume the heroes are still missing, it wouldn't be hard to believe the Red Lanterns could be roaming around in space without anyone taking notice. Which raises another question, would the average citizen of Earth even be aware the Red Lanterns were protecting the sector they were in?

Earth is a little odd in having so many Earth-based Lanterns but whichever Corps was protecting it wouldn't have to zoom down to the planet often, unless they decide to become more proactive to all the problems that originate and are present on Earth. After all, how many of the problems in the DCU actually start off on Earth?

There is also the question of why this is happening. Why isn't the Green Lantern Corps protecting this sector? Are they protecting other sectors? The solicit for GREEN LANTERN #25 says "Hal Jordan makes a controversial decision that will change the mission of the Green Lantern Corps."

Is there a problem with the Central Power Battery? Have they decided enough is enough since so many in the universe now fear or have lost respect for the GL Corps after the Guardians messed things up? We'd assume the GL Corps would reclaim their role eventually but would the Red Lanterns be willing to give it back?

We'll have to wait and see. Perhaps this will lead to another crossover/event in the GL corner of the DCU.

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Absolutely fascinated to see the reasoning behind this change; But more than anything it certainly shakes up the status quo and that is something I don't mind seeing!

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I always thought the Earth really didn't need the Green Lanterns protecting them. Just about every average joe on Earth is some superhero in disguise. The planet is basically home to an army of super-powered beings more than capable of defeating at majority or half the threats from space. Heck the only action Green Lanterns actually get is fighting in some Sector away from Earth

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Really? Two words. Blackest Night.

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this could be an opening for DC to take their other galactic based hero teams off of their limbo shelf's, or so I hope. widen DC's cosmic titles, and hopefully doing a better job at it than they did at threshold.

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This could fall flat on it's face. I still can't believe they got rid of Atrocitus.

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Man with all these events happening in the DC Universe, it looks like the Dc Universe is heading to hell if they have the Red Lantern Corps being Earth's protectors. Maybe this might tie-in into the Forever Evil event starting next year. I haven't been reading Red Lanterns because the Red Lanterns isn't particularly a book that caught my interest. It did at first but as time passes the book sort of loss my interest. Now with things going on since the Green Lantern books received new creative teams, I have to say I'm surprised with what's going on with Red Lanterns.

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@lordrequiem: They got rid of Atrocitus? Finally.

Also, why does it matter if the GL corps aren't protecting Sector 2814 anymore? It's not like anyone, from the Guardians to the Writers themselves care about any planet besides Earth. And Earth is protected by dozens of Metahumans.

So in hindsight, no big whoop.

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This could fall flat on it's face. I still can't believe they got rid of Atrocitus.

I imagine him off plotting somewhere, stroking Dex-Starr and saying "I'll get you next time Gardner", while watching Guy on some screen.

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Definitely seems like an intriguing idea, GL Corps totally without faith, not protecting Sector 2814, perhaps all is the precursor to "Lights Out" and all that. I'm definitely excited! It still just doesn't take back the fact that my favorite Red Lantern is no longer a part of it, unfortunately :/

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This could fall flat on it's face. I still can't believe they got rid of Atrocitus.

Hes not dead yet

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Idunno.... this whole thing with relic and lights out has an emerald twilight feel to it. Like they're trying to clean the slate and do "one hero, one ring" again

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I'm sure this will be temporary. Right now, the GLC isn't anywhere near full strength and after Lights Out, they'll probably be even weaker. Hal probably makes a treaty with Guy that their respective corps won't wander into each other's territory, like the Guardians did with Larfleeze ages ago. The Reds get free reign in Sector 2814, but can't do stuff outside of it, and the Greens can protect the rest of the universe, but cede control of one sector to the Reds. I'm sure Hal would have been hesitant to make this deal, but has to due to the fact that his Corps wouldn't be strong enough to fight the Reds yet, coupled with his assumptions that Guy will keep the other Reds on a somewhat tighter leash than Atrocictus violence-wise and that his allies in the Justice League and Earth's broader superhuman community could handle the Reds. Of course anyone who actually reads Red Lanterns knows that Atrocitus isn't actually dead, but off with Dex-Starr recuperating and plotting his revenge. Of course he's going to reclaim his Corps from Gardner and when he does, any treaties will be thrown out the window. Furthermore one thing that will always be true about such series is that they'll always eventually return to some version of the status quo. Meaning that Gardner will once again be a Green Lantern. Anyway, didn't Johns already confirm that Hal will eventually rejoin the JL? Would be pretty tricky if he wasn't allowed on Earth. And then there's Simon Baz. He'd have to leave Earth too. It's possible this will all be over by the time the three Leagues return from wherever they were sent during Forever Evil. (Which will end in March 2014 by my count.) And what's this about him training a new female Earth Lantern? I haven't heard about that.

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This idea is so unoriginal wasn't guy a Red Lantern before this whole 52 crap.

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@crimsonalchemist He was, but give a try to read lastest issues of red lanterns, the take on this characters a been great, the way everything is handled wow Charles Soule is giving new life to the Red Lanterns.

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next time dude say spoiler alert

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Guy looks hideous, I am not happy about this change.

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as long as this ends all the corps but yellow, i say bring it. DC never needed anything other than the yellow corp to rival the GLC. Maybe, a third corp like the reds who got screwed over by both in their battles. Like Bleez, or Miri.

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Never cared to read any Lantern comics but this article made me decide to pick up Red Lanterns 21 and now I can't wait to pick up 22 and 23.

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Things are getting better!

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I'm so happy the way all of the GL books have turned out since the departure of Geoff Johns. I was initially nervous that the books would go to crap once he left, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The story lines for Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Red Lanterns are ALL connected. I love it.

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ummm not sure what the league is gonna have to say about this

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