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Literature History

The Original Red Knight is from Arthurian Legend like the Black Knight and Green Knight.  There have been many different interpretations of this character with the earliest in comic being a series in Cyclone Comics in 1942.  the original bad guy version was from Charlton Comics, and later used in DC Comics.  He had been the villain of the Dan Garrett, Blue Beetle.

DC History

Lewis Coll/Red Knight

Dr. Lewis Coll lives in a remote castle where, using his scientific genius, he constructs a rocket capable of reaching the planet Saturn in a matter of hours.  Visiting the sixth planet, he carelessly goes abroad without the protection of a spacesuit and ends up "the dread methaneammonia poisoning."  Returning home, the infection causes him to become murderously misanthropic and, taking his cue from a chess set, he becomes the Red Knight. 
Using a special Saturnian silicate, he creates a costume for himself and gives his horse the power of flight.  After robbing banks and terrorizing the airways, the Red Knight is defeated by Dan Garrett, the Blue Beetle, who uses dust from the tomb of the mummy Ac-Tem to subdue him.  His senses restored, Dr. Coll is pardoned for his transgressions.

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