matkrenz's Red Hood: The Lost Days #6 - Benediction and Commencement review

The End of this chapter.

The final issue of the Red Hood mini-series. 
The Story:We start in the past with Batman (Bruce) telling Jason that the Joker is the most dangerous criminal of them all since he has no methodology.In the present we have an exemple of how unpredictable he is,since he just killed two of his men since the trafficers brought two more men and were very scared so this was to calm them down.So what the Joker wants from these arm dealers is a formula that is highly flammable and Joker will use this to when the people of Gotham will open their faucets fire will be shooting out.And they will doing the transaction in the Port of L.A and Jason charges in guns a blazing.When Jason gets Joker in a safe place to kill him he can't do it.Back with Talia he explains why he didn't kill him was because this isn't just about him and the Joker but him,Joker and Batman so he wants to kill both of them at the same time.And then we have the sex scene between the two and in the morning she leaves him a message telling him to meet with somebody named Hush.When he meet with Hush he is willing to help him by proving to him that he knows who Batman really is.And we end with him suiting up and holding in his hand the helmet of his new mantle The Red Hood. 
The Good:This was a spectacular end to a great mini-series.We have finally come full circle as to how Jason went from resurrected vegetable to a killer and he realizes that for his revenge it just can't be between one of his targets but all at the same time.Also I will miss Jeremy Haun's art unless he starts pencilling in another book in the next couple of months but his art is still as solid as ever.Also I did not really mind the sex scene as other people might but it certainly did come from left field. 
The Bad:The scene with Hush felt kinda forced and I was confused since I haven't read Hush yet. Also after reading this mini-series I really want more Red Hood stories and I can't belive this is already over. 
The Verdict:This was a sensational mini-series.If you like Jason Todd or hated the idea of bringing him back but still want to give it a chance read this mini-series and it might convince you.This issue is a buy and when it comes out in trade you should buy it.

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