matkrenz's Red Hood: The Lost Days #5 - After School Activities review

This is just like an episode of 24 and I never watched that show.

Issue 5 of 6 of the Red Hood mini-series. 
The Story:We start off were we left off.Russian mobsters are about to shoot Jason but using quick thinking he tricks them into trusting him and escapes from them.He goes to Shurik and makes him talk were he put all the bombs and Jason goes off to diffuse them all.At the last one he can't diffuse it but instead he throws it in the river.When he goes to his appartement and a bunch of mobsters are there and beats the crap all of them but one is left alive and says he knows were to find the Joker and Jason is know interested and let's him live. 
The Good:Well this issue is the funniest issue of the mini-series.It's basically Jason acting like Jack Bauer all trough out the city and we see even more how he is becoming a killer.The art by Jeremy Haun is still great and I would like to see more of his work and I did miss it since I got it this week.Also the way how he got out of the mobsters was really greatsince he uses methods that Bruce taught him.
The Bad:This is really a small nitpick but when he was talking with a British accent it was just bad and it really took me out of that scene. 
The Verdict:This mini-series has been great in showing how Jason went from Robin to Red Hood even if that wasn't really shown in this issue and will finish with a bang since he is going to see the Joker.This is a buy.

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