matkrenz's Red Hood: The Lost Days #4 - Higher Learning review

Hail,Hail to England.

The 4th issue of the 6 issue Red Hood mini-series.


The Story :We see Jason in Africa leading child soldiers killinga merc group that was teaching him a bunch of stuff.He only leaves on guy of the merc group alive since he was only the driver and not on of the killers,he also thought Jason how to pilot a helicopter.Then we see Jason learning how to rig bombs on different locations.Then we see Jason and his teacher drinking with the teachers actual friends and not mob liasons.And speaking of the mob,a member of the Russian mob enters and takes Todds teacher in order to hire him for a job.Then we cut to Jason and Talia talking and we see that Egon (from issue 3) wasn't the only teacher that Jason killed.He killed his surveillance expert,small arms and his close combat expert.Also Talia shows Jason that Bat's has gottena new Robin (Tim Drake) and we see Jason being extremely sad about this.After Jasons finds out what this mob group whants to do he tries to stop.After he gets rid of a couple of bombs he gets cornered by a lot of mob operatives and thinks that this could have gotten a lot better.

The Good :The art by Jeremy Haun is great to look and the coloring is very bright especially for this kind of mini-series.Also the scene were Jason learns of Tim is pwerful even though it his short.The action is good and it is interesting seeing Jason dishing out the Punishers brand of justice (thats how im calling it from now on). Also i love that this issue is placed in England,since i really want to visit that place one day.
The Bad :This is the same thing we saw from the other issue.I mean we see him killing his teachers some more and him and nothing else.But hopefully the next issue will hopefully give us some more development of Jason into the Red Hood. 
The Verdict :This issue is pretty good even though it's kinda the same thing as we saw in the third issue.But if you are interested in Jason at all this is a mini-series you have to buy.This issue is a buy.


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