krypton_'s Red Hood: The Lost Days #3 - School review

Red Hood Lost "My" Days- School Time!

 Don't Call Me School Boy.
What Jason Is, is a weapon! A human armory is what I call him. Call him a tormented soul, a brat of Batman if you may, but never call him a school boy! I'm serious. Anyway, Jason Todd has his own "strange" untold tail in his life. The change of him being a hero to the dark side of the force. Judd Winick (the guy that created Batman under the hood) takes Jason once again on a amazing adventure. This story is full of violence, and well, violence. Jason Todd isn't a child "friendly" character. That's why you don't see him on Batman Animated Series, or as a toy in some toy store. What makes Jason special is that, he is just trying to find his place in the world. If anyone should be in the bat-family Jason should, however his crazy mind won't let him. This is issue 3 of 6, Judd has only 3 more to do, until Jason becomes the thing that everyone loves. Red Hood. The big bad wolf. Judd is joined by Jeremy Haun which helps draw the story of Jason's lost days! 


 Jason Todd The Shamed One in the bat Family.
Jason, Jason, Jason why do you always have to hate this character? I would really like to know who hates him, this was the second Robin he was killed by the Joker, and became Red Hood. Why does everyone think that Tim is the second Robin, beats me, however this a untold tail of the man named Red Foot. Oops, I mean Hood. Jeremy Haun draws the interior artwork for the 3rd issue, what's weird is the fact that Return Of Bruce Wayne is the same way. It doesn't matter. To me the art has constantly been awesome. I've liked Jason in Battle for the cowl, when he was under the guise of Batman. His evil look when he had his mask off was totally an awesome picture! Red Hood Lost Days, has been slow Yes. However, things are starting to pick up because Jason is beginning to plan his next move. With Talia acting like his mother, Jason and Talia are the perfect "mother and son" kind of story. With Jason being the shamed one in the bat-family, his character gets even more cooler. Three issues down, three to go.  


Evil Laugh! 
Why? And again I ask Why is Talia sleeping with some helper of Ra's Al Ghul? She should have killed him so he can't tell Ra's Al Ghul. Really demeaning of the character.   

Red Hood Lost Days #3's Verdict

Jason's Lost Days or Red Hood's is a story only for the brave, and maybe the Jason fans. If you want a bunch of untold mystery stories then get this series. You might want to pick up the previous issues, before getting this one. Or just wait for the Graphic Novel or Trades. Anyway, get this Jason is in it, and Talia. And well Jason, so the verdict of this issue is a 4/5.   

 You Got It, Now Read It!
Posted by Primmaster64

I gotta get this.

Posted by Jason Todd_Red Hood1-900
You should man it was great don't mind the review there is nothing wrong with Talia sleeping with somebody different
Posted by KRYPTON
@Jason Todd_Red Hood1-900 said:
" @Primmaster64: You should man it was great don't mind the review there is nothing wrong with Talia sleeping with somebody different "
Of course there is a problem with that, I hate that. I hope the guy dies in the next issue.
Edited by Jason Todd_Red Hood1-900

Even if he dies it's already done dude he already hit it more than once so stop HATING.Maybe if Batman actually paid more attention to her this would'nt happen

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