the_cyan_lantern's Red Hood: The Lost Days #1 - The First Step review

Red Hood: To Buy, Glimpse or Skip?


   Taking place after Jason's resurrection, Jason is treated by Talia due to the wounds caused by the Joker. However Ra's sees no recovery results and Talia must go behind her father's back to save the Robin she believes in.

The Good:

   Over the years Jason Todd has become a major character in the "Bat Universe" and has been the villain for man titles. It was only right that we see his before story. Many factors are in play when we Jason's return; Talia and Ra's bumping heads, Batman begins to take his rage out, and Jason becomes autistic from the head blow of the Joker's crow bar. We know that two of those are common however Jason being autistic was something interesting new. But it doesn't last long becomes we know a little anger can cure that.

The Bad:

   The one question I asked myself is "Why bring this up now?". An origin can always be re- told but this one has seem to start off slow. To me I picked this up thinking something "shocking" or "juicy" (maybe even revealing) was going to happen. It just felt everything was being re-told plus one thing. 

My Vote: 3.5 out of 5

    I only see the real reason for this mini to be released is to try to sell the movie. Maybe I'll be eating my own words when #2 comes around otherwise this is just a Glimpse for a new reader.
Posted by ArtJoker

They probably brought this up to help promote the Under the Red Hood animated movie, anyways nice review, you bring up some good points. would you recommend this to a fan of the original under the hood story, or would i be wasting my money?

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