Red Hood and the Outlaws

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I like it.

The first issue sucked me in, but the second left me feeling a bit "meh". It didn't hold my interest, I felt like I was reading it just to finish it. I was ready to put the whole series aside, and indeed I did for a long time. Then I was bored and decided to give the third issue a chance. I'm glad I did.

When we get to see the memories S'aru the Proctor takes, that was my "oh gosh" moment. For the boys at least.

Starfire - I had the overwhelming urge to yell out "yeah! stick it to them!" and I got angry - very angry - on behalf of the little girl in those pages. She may not be helpless, and she certainly doesn't want pity, but I wanted nothing more than to hurt those who were hurting her.

Roy Harper - I wanted to take him home, feed him hot chocolate, wrap him up in a blanket and take care of him. It's also the first time I've ever imagined that Killer Croc had a "human" side. I admit it, I got a bit tearful.

Jason Todd - the tearfulness I felt reading Roy's memory was unleashed with Jason's. In those few pages, we saw everything he was and everything he could have been.

Jason Todd & Roy Harper are both the kind of bad boys I'd fall for - one is dark, sexy, mysterious and dangerous, the other is brash, bright, reckless and cute - in an ex-junkie kind of way (I never said I had good judgement). And Starfire - oh wow.

To be honest, this series is the one I've read in the New 52 that has evoked the most emotion for me. Probably because I really wasn't expecting it.

Oh, and the action is good too.

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Its a great book

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Interesting: I also gave up after Issue #2. Maybe I should go back and give it a chance assuming I can find cheap back issues.


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