god_spawn's Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 - Who are You? -- Hoo Hoo? review

Ice ice Hoodie.

The Good For the most part the issue was ok but somewhat lacking compared to the other tie ins. The dialogue for the majority of the issue was good though there were a few lines that were meh. The Talon fight was underwhelming but Jason finding a kindred spirit in the Talon and putting him out of his misery was a good spot IMO. The art is always good and the last line with the "Tell Bruce he is welcome" made me smile.

The Bad: As I said before the issue was underwhelming. The Talon fight wasn't really a fight, the Mr. Freeze fight wasn't that interesting and it wasn't much of a fight either. Some choppy dialogue at times but that is about it.

Recommended: If you are into the crossover this issue isn't exactly cream of the crop as other issues of the series has been. If you must know what goes on it then by all means buy the issue but if you don't you aren't missing much.

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