starkiller809's Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 - Who are You? -- Hoo Hoo? review

Introducing: Mr. Freeze!

I really like Kenneth Rocafort's art in this series. His style is sketchy and I really like that in a comic. I also really like the way the characters look in his issues. They all have a feeling to them but they all look different. I also really like the backgrounds in this issue. I think it gives a lot of depth. The story is fairly good. I really like seeing Mr. Freeze in this issue. I also really like how this fits into Continuity and it makes Batgirl almost as busy as Batman. I really like how Red Hood still wants to be sorta in the Bat family but how he doesn't. I really like how it plays with the lines of good and bad. We get some incite on how the Talons are able to come to life and I think that it was and interesting addition to the story. 
I really don't think that the other characters work well with this one. I think Jason would be better in a series of his own where he kinda tries to reestablish his part in the Bat family. I also really don't like some of the dialog in this issue. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Red Hood and the Outlaws is establishing the background of the characters and I think there is a goal for this series. In this issue we get a little off adventure where there are huge reveals that will surly affect the how crossover. I was surprised about how much happened here because I though it would be something Scott Snyder would want to deal with. I would recommend that people get this because it really does add a lot of the event.
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