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Introducing: Mr. Freeze! 0

THE GOOD: I really like Kenneth Rocafort's art in this series. His style is sketchy and I really like that in a comic. I also really like the way the characters look in his issues. They all have a feeling to them but they all look different. I also really like the backgrounds in this issue. I think it gives a lot of depth. The story is fairly good. I really like seeing Mr. Freeze in this issue. I also really like how this fits into Continuity and it makes Batgirl almost as busy as Batman. I real...

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This is why Jason doesn't stay in Gotham 0

This story was nice, but it lacked the mystical punch that the rest of RHatO as a book has offered (even though the whole Court of Owls thing is mystical, especially the way Jason handled his Talon). I am a complete bat-fan and from a "piece together the continuity of this universe via bits and scraps" game perspective this issue offered some useful Jason backstory, but what it didn't do was move Jason forward at all. (And Roy and Kori were basically along for the lack of ride, character develop...

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RHTO #9 0

We have another solid issue from Lobdell and Rocafort once again mystifies readers with his talent. This is obviously the Night of the Owls crossover that some have been looking forward to, ok ya that means me too :P. I love the crossover, i follow Batman and Nightwing and the biggest problem that any crossover will have is continuity. Setting up the crossover and leaving the crossover effectively is what makes or breaks the crossover issue. That being said Lobdell has done quite a good job with...

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Damaged Children's Playground 0

RRRRGHGHGHGH. PAGE ONE.Starfire: "Oh hey, remember this stuff that happened last issue so any new readers are caught up?"Editor's Note: "That stuff Starfire's referring to as having just happened DID just happen because last issue is when it happened.FFFFFFF***********************-Ugh. All right, moving on.And it's actually really easy to move on, since for one, after that, all Editor's notes are actually the USEFUL kind. When Batgirl shows up, it mentions to read Batgirl #9 to witness HER battl...

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They say you can't go home again... 0

The Story:Red Hood along with his comrades Roy Harper and Starfire lend a helping hand during the Night of Owls crossover. They run into Mr. Freeze who's been targeted by the Court of Owls. This is an action packed issue with some awesome comedic one liners thrown in. We also get to see just how much Jason Todd has in common with the Talon that's targeted Mr. Freeze.The Art:Kenneth Rocafort is perfect for this book. He definitely has these characters down pat in a big time way. His style is uniq...

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Scott Lobdell Loves Ice 0

I had not read "Red Hood and the Outlaws" before, but thanks to issue #9 I am curious enough to pick up previous issues. This does not mean I am encouraging the indiscriminated production of tie-ins to big events; I am only saying in that in this one particular case, it happened to be a happy accident.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Ice ice Hoodie. 0

The Good For the most part the issue was ok but somewhat lacking compared to the other tie ins. The dialogue for the majority of the issue was good though there were a few lines that were meh. The Talon fight was underwhelming but Jason finding a kindred spirit in the Talon and putting him out of his misery was a good spot IMO. The art is always good and the last line with the "Tell Bruce he is welcome" made me smile.The Bad: As I said before the issue was underwhelming. The Talon fight wasn't r...

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Comic Review -- Red Hood and the Outlaws #9: Who Are You?-- --Hoo 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...There's a lot of red going on in this cover, and it's just confusing enough to distract me from what's going on. After a couple of seconds, I can find Red Hood and his Talon dance partner for this installment, locked in mid-air combat as they fall. The Talon looks good, but something about Jason just doesn't look very dynamic. I know the mask probably doesn't allow for expression, but I also don't think the pose is very good. The ...

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