god_spawn's Red Hood and the Outlaws #8 - Last Regrets -- I've had a few review


The Good: I liked this issue a lot. I think it was a good lead into the upcoming crossover. The dialogue and interactions with the characters was good.It answered who Suzie Su was and whys he had a vendetta against Jason. It had a few good chuckles especially with Kori vaporizing the goons who themselves were stupidly funny. Also it seems there might be a possible Roy and Kori relationship brewing after Roy said he needs to take her on a date. Suzie wasn't a big threat, which I didn't expect her to. She is like a poor man's King...Queenpin except fat and not muscle. It's good to hear what Jason said to her about leaving the past in the past which is something that they are still continuing on with Jason and I'm glad they are since the character was brought up on revenge. I know he settled it a few issues ago, but you get where I'm going with this. Also I admit I was against really any time Jason would have with the Bat family, I thought the less time he spent the better he was off. I'm regretting saying that, it's good to see he is planning on helping with the Talons. And one scene I did not expect was the very end about the flashback with Jason and Tim and Tim forgiving Jason and they just sat and at breakfast and Jason called him "bro". I'm eating my words and I'm gladly doing it.

The Bad: As much as I liked the whole Jason and Tim scene, it should have been a little bit more to it. Tim is just all cool with what happened and understood but since everything pre-reboot for Batman is still in continuity, Jason beat Tim with staff and another time left him for dead after stabbing in the stomach with a batarang. There should have been more to it IMO instead of just no big deal. But nonetheless, it was good to see the interaction between the two.

Recommended: Yes.


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    THE GOOD: Kenneth Rocafort is a great artist. I really like his paneling and I think that some of his facial expressions are hilarious and better for the story. I really like how he is drawing inside of the spaceship and he draws Gotham very well. The story is fairly good as well. I really like seeing mention to Jason before he became the Red Hood. I think him descending into darkness is the best part about the character. I really like how Tim actually includes Jason in things and I think that t...

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