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This was quite a good issue. I've been following rhto since issue 1 cause i love all of these characters and i wanted to see how they were going to move forward. One recurent theme ive been seeing in this, as well as a few other bat titles is the ability to get past the past. This issue is another key example of that, from the beginning with the gang funeral to the very end with breakfast with Tim. Jason is slowly moving on with his life but it doesnt mean he will play nice.

THE GOOD: We get to see Suzie Su and Jason come back to Gotham, which is very interesting and will tie in nicely with the crossover next month. In the beginning Jason tells some stories about right after he left the All-Caste and as always Roy makes it awkward. I like that about him because Roy his dealing with his own demons and he's acting out and just being laid back. Jason explains that he isn't proud of it but it is not going to stop him from killing anyone. He sees that what he is doing isnt the best thing, but better yet what he is doing NEEDS to be done. We have great art by Rocafort as always and he has solidfied himself as my favorite artist of the New 52 right next to Capullo's work in Batman. The dialogue is much better this issue cause last issue i didnt really feel it, but lobdell got back on track with sound dialogue. We see good interaction from Roy and Kori and possibly a future relationship,(im more of a Dick/Kori guy but hey like i said, its about moving on). In the end Jason realizes that he gave Suzie a second chance and in return she has threatened innocent children. the result wasnt a suprise. What was a suprise was the convo at the very end between tim and Jason. I know innitially jason didnt like tim taking his place, but we know that he respects him. And in return Tim is sort of reaching out to Jason. They talk and we know that Jason isnt Bruce's favorite person but we can see that Jason is somewhat trying to appeas Tim and the same for Tim. At one point Jason flat out says, you know Bruce wouldnt like me being here and tim says well Bruce isnt here. Tim is doing this on his own and trying to save the family. He convinced Jason to stay and in return Jason gave Tim some info on Wonder Girl so we know this takes place before teen titans starts, (Lobdell for you that dont know writes Teen Titans so i thought that was a cool nod to his own piece of work).

THE BAD: There were a few shots of art-work that just didnt cut it for me, i love Rocafort but Roy sometimes looks like a backwards hick living in his backyard and then most of the time he looks great. There are some action scenes where you have to do a double take to understand where Jason is specifically standing cause at first it doenst make sense but if you look back its not bad.


I have been an outright supporter of this comic since its release. i have been a big defender of the change in Kori and the direction Lobdell is taking the series and i think with the future issues coming up he will silence the doubters for good. if yal dont know it yet, were gonna see freakin BLACKFIRE. also just something you might wanna think about: i dont think Essence is dead and if thats the case it wont be the last we see of her O-O. Happy readings guys, hope yo like my first ever review

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