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Bad Heroes 0

THE GOOD: Kenneth Rocafort is a great artist. I really like his paneling and I think that some of his facial expressions are hilarious and better for the story. I really like how he is drawing inside of the spaceship and he draws Gotham very well. The story is fairly good as well. I really like seeing mention to Jason before he became the Red Hood. I think him descending into darkness is the best part about the character. I really like how Tim actually includes Jason in things and I think that t...

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Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Wings 0

Jason? Inherently lazy? I'm sorry, but no. It doesn't help that his team renders him generally unnecessary. This is one of my biggest gripes of the issue, for the second major time, a conflict is rendered moot by the appearance of Starfire. Sure, Roy had to rescue her from Crux, but whenever she's around, what has Jason actually had to do? I'm all for powerful female characters, but not at the cost of creating a completely imbalanced team. Not to mention that aside from that scene, Starfire's on...

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RHTO #8 0

WARNING SPOILER:This was quite a good issue. I've been following rhto since issue 1 cause i love all of these characters and i wanted to see how they were going to move forward. One recurent theme ive been seeing in this, as well as a few other bat titles is the ability to get past the past. This issue is another key example of that, from the beginning with the gang funeral to the very end with breakfast with Tim. Jason is slowly moving on with his life but it doesnt mean he will play nice.THE G...

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Great issue! 0

Dabnabbit! I want to hate this comic. As I just wrote in my X-Men review, I have to trim back the number of comics I'm reading on a weekly basis. That was pretty easy to do after the first issue or two of Red Hood and the Outlaws, but it's growing on me quite a bit. I think part of it is that they played coy for so long about Jason Todd's history. We know that it (and MOST of the Bat-History) is mostly the same as before the new 52, but there are SOME changes. And it's also filling out parts of ...

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Red Hood &The Outlaws #8 0

Red Hood & The Outlaws #8 ReviewJason, Kori and Roy meet up with an old foe to settle a score once and for all.The Good:I haven’t read any of the other Scott Lobdell titles for the New 52, but Red Hood is consistently awesome! Action is instantaneous in this issue and you can count on Kenneth Rocafort and Blond to make the pages come to life beautifully with their artwork. The way that some of the panels are laid out in this book just work so well with what is happening.The Outlaws meet back...

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The boss lady didn't say nothing 'bout no aliens! 0

Home comings are always strange. Take me for instance, I came home from University full of knowledge and drink only to find out that my parents had thrown away my bed, filled my room with crap (not my crap, just to let you know but other assorted crap) and pretty much left me as a nomad in my own home. Now to be fair that’s peanuts compared to what Jason Todd has to go through in this issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws, but at least (as far as we know) he has a bed. So lets dive right on into Red...

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Fatburned 0

The Good: I liked this issue a lot. I think it was a good lead into the upcoming crossover. The dialogue and interactions with the characters was good.It answered who Suzie Su was and whys he had a vendetta against Jason. It had a few good chuckles especially with Kori vaporizing the goons who themselves were stupidly funny. Also it seems there might be a possible Roy and Kori relationship brewing after Roy said he needs to take her on a date. Suzie wasn't a big threat, which I didn't expect her...

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