delphic's Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 - I Found that Essence Rare--and Deadly! review

When Did That Happen?

Red Hood and the Outlaws seems to be trying my patience, yet it entertains me at the same time. In Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 we learn a little more about Jason’s past with the All-Caste, and about his relationship with the mysterious woman Essence. This issue ends the current story arc and wraps it up decently enough with a few panels at the end to send it into the next story arc. This book is not without its flaws though, and several things remain unexplained like how does Jason now possess the magical ability to summon blades out of thin air? What the All-Caste and Untitled actually are still remains unexplained. The ending of this issue is a huge Dues Ex Machina where Jason just so happens to find a random gun that makes Essence disappear after she turns on them. What sort of gun is it? We don’t know, and more than likely we will not know till Essence returns. The story even goes out of its way to wrap up what Jason did about the random flight attendant that slipped him her number a few issues back, which I felt was kind of pointless and a big waste of time. There are also a few discrepancies between panels were in one half of Jason’s helmet is missing after having part of it destroyed one of essence attacks, but in the next panel the helmet is completely whole again. Overall I felt this issue was rather mediocre with just a few awesome moments that ultimately don’t really help the issue reach a higher potential. Hopefully as Red Hood and the Outlaws goes into the next story arc the creative team will catch these mistakes and learn from them.

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@RazzaTazz: Only one I could find without actually scanning the issue,

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