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Red Hood is convinced that the super assassin Essence set him up in his battle against the Untitled...and Arsenal and Starfire are prepared to help him get some payback! Plus: The trio learn that the super-villain known as Crux might be a kindred spirit after all! And the murderous Suzie Shu waits in the wings for her revenge!

Complete Plot

The story begins with Jason Todd, disguised as a doctor, transferring Crux to Arkham Asylum. After successfully dropping Crux, The Outlaws fly away in Crux's ship. While flying away, the trio encounter a black cloud. This black cloud is actually Essence and she has come to confront Jason Todd.

Jason Todd attacks Essence and believes that she betrayed the All Caste. He pulls out an All-Blade, something that can only be pulled in the face of absolute evil. Jason Todd explains that someone had to allow the Untitled through the defenses of the All Caste's monastery. He believes that this individual was Essence. Essence lashes out and destroys the All-Blade.

Jason Todd Attacks Essence

Essence explains that the Untitled, before they were Untitled, reached into the waters of absolute evil. Ducra and Essence were there that day and Ducra became linked with the Untitled.

Arsenal and Starfire enter the fray to aide their friend Jason Todd but neither of their attacks do any damage to Essence. Jason Todd searches through the boxes of technology that Crux left behind on his ship and he pulls out a weapon that sends Essence away.

Back in Gotham City, Suzie Su awakens from a coma and demands to get her hands on Red Hood!

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Essentially Awesome. 0

The Good: Everything. It was a complete opposite from the light hearted issue, which was fantastic btw. The fight was awesome, the revelation of Essence was out of no where and I didn't expect it. There weren't any jokes in this issue (not that I don't mind them.) It was a serious issue all around, it made a huge turn of events, the fight was laid out well, the dialogue went great with it. Can't complain.The bad: Nothing.Recommended: Yes...

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RHTO 7 0

WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS (I KNOW THERE IS A SUMMARY AT THE TOP BUT SOME PEOPLE MIGHT NOT WANNA READ ALL OF IT :P)Overview: I am one of the few who loved this series from the start and as i see more people liking red hood, the happier i feel. this issue is not the best one in the least but if you like the series than this issue contains some heavy info and concludes the arc on a solid note. I can never complain about Rocafort's art and i especially love the way he draws Essence. Ever since the f...

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