Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

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The Outlaws wasn't meant to be a team but their current experiences are showing them just how much they benefit from being together.

The Good

This series got a lot of unfair flack over some of the portrayals in the first issue. The pieces of the puzzle are now being put together and we can see what the intentions of the book was meant to be. Starfire claimed she didn't have any past recollection of teammates or love interests. We've been seeing through a flashback in issue #3 and comments made here that she does have memories of past events. She just doesn't want to come to terms with them. She has also been put to the test in terms of power. Last issue her powers were taken away and she was left as a mere human but in this issue she shows that doesn't mean she's out of the game.

Roy has been portrayed as a major slacker. We know he is dealing with his own issues as well and is working on making himself a better person. At least he's taking small steps in that direction. Roy (and Green Arrow) are often seen as merely heroes with a bow and arrows. When Starfire is taken out of the battle, what can Roy do? You know he will do everything in his power to kick some ass. Calling himself Arsenal, you can see he is (again) ready to move beyond the shadow of Green Arrow.

Jason Todd has been coming to terms with his past training as well. He may not want to rely on anyone but even he is seeing the advantage of having partners. Jason also figures out what his motivation is. He has a lot of anger over being killed by the Joker and the fact that Batman never avenged him. He is now ready to move on to the next level.

Lobdell and Rocafort clearly are comfortable with the series and the characters. You get a sense that it's a completely smooth process from script to final product. Lobdell is working at moving the characters together and beyond while Rocafort makes the journey look amazing.

The Bad

It's interesting to see this side of Jason and his new sense of motivation but the concept of the All-Caste still takes some getting used to. His fighting style with swords against a member of the Untitled is interesting but hopefully he won't necessarily make swords part of his everyday fighting.

Also I wasn't a fan of Crux. He served a purpose. I can accept that. Hopefully we won't see him again anytime soon.

The Verdict

The Outlaws are shaping up to be quite a team. Jason Todd, Starfire and Roy may not have set out to actually be a team but more and more we're seeing how they belong together. Character development continues as Lobdell reveals more of what he's had planned for them since the first issue. Rocafort brings the story alive with his amazing art and Blond's colors make it pop off the page. Jason Todd's past with the All-Caste continues to develop and it's adding more to who he is now but hopefully we won't see too much more inserted into his past and rather have the developments and changes occur in the present, as some do in this issue. This series keeps getting better and better with each issue.


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