djotaku's Red Hood and the Outlaws #4 - Come Fly With Me--Come Die, Just Die Away! review


The issue has a funny start with Red Hood and Arsenal at the bar. This scene also reveals that Arsenal's vice in the new 52 was changed from being a drug addict to being an alcoholic. We get some slight development on the plot vis-a-vie who killed Red Hood's monk trainers, but then the book shifts to another antagonist and his beef with Starfire. It's a tried and true trope, but the fight is pretty good.

Overall, it's an interesting issue, but I still have no idea what this book is really about. Is it Jason vs these bad guys that killed his trainers or is that just the first arc. It's the hard part with these completely new books for the new 52 vs an established book like Batman. With Batman you know he's a detective and he's just solving crime after crime. For now it seems like RH & tO is about going from place to place looking for killers.


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