djotaku's Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 - Cherish is the Word I Use--to Destroy You! review

A Mixed Bag

This issue has a GREAT plot device for exploring the characters' backstory. It is horrible for advancing the current arc. I would have preferred for this issue to take place a little later after this arc is over. Basically, the team goes trekking through an Escher painting while some god-like dude looks at their most cherished memories.

I know Lobdell is trying to make Kory out to be proud (as she's from royalty) but her cherished memory makes her look like a HUGE jerk

Roy's memory is pretty cool

Jason's memory, revealed at the end is a very touching moment which makes it heartbreaking that Jason does what he does.

If you have limited funds and all you care about is story - skip it. If you want a nice issue that explores the main characters, pick it up.


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