durakken's Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 - Cherish is the Word I Use--to Destroy You! review

Meta non-meta metas

Art - average art that is consistent. The one thing I don't like about the art is the Robin costume. I've always hated when they give Tim's costume, or a variation of it, to other Robins. The whole reason for the change in Tim's costume from the pixie costume to more combat ready is because of Jason dying and Bruce wanted to make sure Tim was all armored up as much as possible. It doubly annoying because that costume looks awesome and save for the Yellow outside cape, I'd love it if that was the redesign for Tim's costume like it should be (rather than that crap that is in Arkham City...sorry it's ugly)

Story - Basically they got to go get a clue from crazyville that they can only enter if they leave their most precious memory with some random 4000 year old guy that looks like a kid... >.> I don't have much to say other than I think Lobdell is reveling in his Crazy about right now... This is one of those cases where this is a pretty bad story, but it made me chuckle a few times and works a bit for what it is and that might be a meta-story that is either genius, or just really bad writing that just gets lucky.

Characterization - I could cheat and just say I'm not going to go into this, but if Lobdell is going meta on us then it stands to reason that the crazy is symbolic/representative of something else, or trying to to tell us something. The characters in this book only make sense if we're doing that. Think about it. The first issue we see Kori' and she pretty much strips down immediately, while in the next issue she's dressed as a conservative rich Asian woman. Jason who we know considers Bruce and his memories precious chooses to leave it behind. The names of the enemy is "Untitled." This is either perfect meta characterization or insanity and I can decide which.


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