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"But I'm Not Doing Your Dirty Work For You" 0

Synopsis  As Red Hood and the Outlaws go looking for what The Untitled were out to get, their most important memories are explored by S'aru of the All Caste. The Good   Aside from fighting some giant green scaly monster, a lot of the issue goes to exploring a deep memory from each of the team. I quite liked these, from Starfire as an imprisoned child, to Roy Harper's "fight" with Killer Croc (the latter isn't too animalistic here, which I thought was cool.) and Jason as his times-past tenure as ...

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Strange but fun 0

Scott Lobdell has a very strange way of writing, I have to say. It's almost as if he thinks we know everything that's going on and why people are doing things without having to back it up or justify it or lead us into it. And so it is here as the gang launch into the next step on their journey. Don't get me wrong, this is fun, and the art is sensational, except for a very awkward final page. But the dialog just jumps in with characters talking in half-sentences, talking about things but missing ...

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Might I petition a boon from you? 0

i can say that in my opinion that this is the best of the series thus far, but that having been said that still doesn't equate to much.  The dialogue is still completely worthless, the scenario the heroes find themselves in is somewhat hackneyed and the resolution to the plot is meaningless, but hidden in here are at least a few glimmers of some future for this titles.  The one this works best for is Kori, who has made the transition relatively well over three issues from centerfold to powerhous...

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Memories, Memories 0

Red Hood and the Outlaws has been a huge controversy, but now things seem to be settling down and now we can get a comic book series for a story instead of wanting to know what the controversy is about.  THE GOOD: I like the art. Kenneth Rocafort was relatively unknown to me but I have really liked his work he is doing on this series and it contributes to the series in a positive way. I was really shocked how great the story was. The past two issues weren't my favorite but this issue has proved ...

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Meta non-meta metas 0

Art - average art that is consistent. The one thing I don't like about the art is the Robin costume. I've always hated when they give Tim's costume, or a variation of it, to other Robins. The whole reason for the change in Tim's costume from the pixie costume to more combat ready is because of Jason dying and Bruce wanted to make sure Tim was all armored up as much as possible. It doubly annoying because that costume looks awesome and save for the Yellow outside cape, I'd love it if that was the...

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Red Hood and The Outlaws #3 - Cherish is the Word I Use--to Destr 0

Red Hood and The Outlaws #3 - Cherish is the Word I Use--to Destroy You! Welcome TBs once again this is friendly neighborhood Dr.X with an another reveiw from The New 52 in this it a Red Hood and The Outlaws where we find our heroes faceing there past and fears kind of like in bizzar maze (like from the old 1970s spider-man and his amzing friends tv where he met Pro X and the X-men ... anyhow moving on), I found this issue more I like core screw with alot of twist and turns in it . But never t...

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A Mixed Bag 0

This issue has a GREAT plot device for exploring the characters' backstory. It is horrible for advancing the current arc. I would have preferred for this issue to take place a little later after this arc is over. Basically, the team goes trekking through an Escher painting while some god-like dude looks at their most cherished memories.I know Lobdell is trying to make Kory out to be proud (as she's from royalty) but her cherished memory makes her look like a HUGE jerkRoy's memory is pretty coolJ...

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Cherished Memories 0

The Story: Jason Todd, Starfire and Arsenal embark on an adventure that ends unexpectedly for Jason Todd. My Thoughts:I didn't start reading this series until last month when I picked up the first two issues together. After reading them I instantly became a fan. While it's a little unorthodox, the series is extremely fun to read. I've notice a lot of people who review it aren't enjoying it. There was some controversy relating to Starfire's new costume but that shouldn't turn you off from the sto...

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Kind of Wanted to See That Twins and Whipped Cream Memory 0

Red Hood and the Outlaws takes a closer look at its cast while the plot takes a back seat, making this the strongest issue of the series thus far. The strength of this book lies in its characters, so it can only be a good thing the more character-centric the stories get.The hook of this issue is that we get to see each of the characters' most cherished memories via circumstances that the plot provides. What makes this work so well is that, for the most part, Scott Lobdell doesn't go the predicta...

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Tales From the Chamber 0

The Good: Here we've got an intriguing cover. The layout isn't anything super special, but the content is, and so it balances out. We see the team facing their younger selves in an MC Escher style place? I NEED TO KNOW MORE. Kenneth Rocafort art. It's still extremely awesome. There's just such a ridiculous sense of over-indulgence in the artwork. Rocafort clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word 'just enough.' S'aru's drug pipes weave around like crazy, the sprawling architecture of The Cham...

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vamos a ver los momentos felices de unos psicopatías 0

Jason Todd y su ganga están en la Himalaya buscando un objeto místico. Pero cuando ellos están haciendo eso, un gurú está observando su momento más feliz para ellos. Este libro va mejorando en muchas áreas en especial el libreto. Los diálogos son buenos en donde ayudan a caracterizar a cada personaje en su flashback. Pero lo más impresionante el arte. Rocaford se luce en cada panel con su estilo y con el estilo sureal para algunos cuadros. Los looks que tienen los personajes en los flashbacks se...

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Jason the red-nosed Robin 0

So when we last left Jason and the gang they were getting ready to kick ass (#2reveiw), so we start this issue off by talking to a 12 year old... not what I was expecting.Well the aforementioned 12 year old is S'aru the protector, and is actually thousands of years old. All castle stops anyone from getting close to this guy, which has Jason worried because he was able to simply walk in. Jason is seeking revenge for the death of Durca and the rest of the All Castle. There is a clue inside the cha...

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Painful Memories 0

Remember how I said in the review for the previous issue that in that final shot we saw all the inner emotions of the characters? Well this issue goes right into it. Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal are walking through this old residence of Todd's. They come upon a small little bald kid (who reminds me of the Last Airbender kid) just sitting there nonchalantly. It's as if this kid was up to something. I'm thinking he's going to be a bad guy. I'm waiting for this kid to say something compromising ...

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