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Red Hood and the Outlaws #21


I am way behind on reviews, and I will try to post them as soon as I can, but we have the Outlaws to worry about. Jason is on the run, and Roy and Kori don't know what to do, until some old and new faces begin popping up. What is in store for Jason Todd and will the Roy/Kori relationship survive this ordeal? An issue that will start unfolding what James has in store lies before us, but on to the review!!!


So last month we had a pretty decent annual, and we catch up from what happened. Jason is off doing the lone wolf thing, while Roy is seeking the help of Dr. Hugo Strange. Essence notifies Kori that things are about get crazy, and boy do they. We see a team of assassins from the League out to retrieve Jason, and it is pretty cool to see these guys. Hell, Lady Shiva even makes an appearance. Meanwhile, guess who comes back to go after Roy and Kori, the freaking Untitled. Did not see that coming at all! They seem to have straightforward plans, but they are not to be trifled with. The ending has a very heartfelt vibe to it, and is somewhat sad to see, but the last page will leave you asking what the hell is going to happen next. Jason is getting a promotion, and a pretty big one at that. Though it was roughly paced, James probably delivered the most solid issue yet. This had nice action, emotion, funny dialogue, and twists over twists. I am definitely going to be interested to see what he has to bring next month.

Gopez is back, and also delivers his best issue to date. There are still many inconsistencies and problems but if he can stay on track and touch up what needs to be touched up, we will actually have some nice art on this book. There are many pages that will make you wonder whether Gopez has been holding back or not, and some that are done right fantastic. Far from perfect, but definitely an improvement.


  • Jason going commando on the assassins was fun to watch after he has been in the back seat.
  • The ending is the kind of twist that will excite readers, at least in my opinion.
  • Things are finally beginning to make sense and come together.


  • Opening page, greatness.
  • The city overshot was done by Gopez, except for the random Man-Bat, this is pretty phenomenal.
  • Best looking Jason Todd that we have had in a while.


Sounds like I gave this issue a 5 out of 5. Not the case. This issue, though significanty better than issue 19 and 20, is too muddied with a large amount of characters, and plot points mixed into one. Hugo Strange is by far the most useless addition to this title, and it makes no sense why he sells out Roy, just for the Untitled to show up. He better have a more significant role, otherwise there was no point for him at all. Though I thought it was cool to see all this random meta-assassins, it just seemed weird to bring them in for a page to showcase their name and powers, just for them to be background characters five pages later. It was clever to bring in Lady Shiva and Cheshire on the same page, since we have seen them before, but I hope that at least Cheshire will be expanded upon. I want to possibly clarify something readers might get confused with, Roy and Kori didn't break up, rather disagreed on a plan of action and Kori is going after Essence to find answers while Roy gears up to take on the League with the Untitled. Again, smart idea to have Roy say that it is impossible to trust the Untitled, and Kori to do some digging into what Essence said, but the way the comic leaves it, it is as though they are done with. I would also put that bringing in the Untitled packed this book up too much, but honestly, Lobdell dropped that ball after his arc, so it is actually nice to see James take them on.

Here we go again. Well it is honestly better than the other two issues drawn by Gopez, but it gets so freaking muddied up at times. He is also horribly inconsistent with Roy and Kori, and he actually drew a vey nice looking Kori, even with the freaking eyebrows, only for him to drop the eyebrows at the end! I think he started the issue, then got the feedback. Also, why the hell would Roy show up with his gear and uniform to only have a freaking Larry the Cable Guy shirt, and a different hat that make him look more like a hick. We honestly need to drop the redneck look, it has lost all merit.


  • Hugo Strange has potential, but it is looking wasted at this point.
  • Crowded assassins party needs a table!
  • A bit over emotional farewell from Roy and Kori is a bit misleading.


  • Essence vs Kori looked like chicken scratch, hopefully their fight in the next issue will be done better.
  • Misleading cover, Hugo did absolutely nothing.
  • Roy's look needs an overall in the worst way.
  • First we have the freaking eyebrows, then we lose the freaking eyebrows, make up your mind. And by make up your mind, I mean that the eyebrows should be normal.


This has improved, it isn't perfect, but we are making some exciting progress. I am excited to see what James has up his sleeve, because it seems to be pretty intriguing. Artwork still needs some tuning up, but is progressing in a positive way. I would recommend this hoodie readers, as well as others, because things have started to shake up, and it looks good. Til next time!!!

STORY: 4/5

ART: 3.5/5

SCORE: 4/5

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