halfshellhero's Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 - Shot Through the Heart, and Who's to Blame? review

Sex, Drugs, and Violence

Ok, so there's probably not too much of the drugs cause there's children out there, but sex and violence? Lotsa that. Red Hood lays down the law, and Starfire is bangin'. Or should I say Smangin'?

I really wanted to write a review about the first issue, but after reading the comic and hearing about all the flak that the creators were getting (mostly for the portrayal of Starfire) I figured I should hold judgment until the next issue. Now, in this issue, Starfire's sexuality isn't put in the foreground as much as the first issue, but it's still there. And honestly, I think it makes for an interesting character. Now, this character isn't a good role model. Not at all, but it makes sense in a bit of a rational way as Starfire isn't human. She's a Tamaranean and it would be kind of weird if she acted just like a human being.

As far as the Red Hood's character, I think his story is pretty good. I like that they've made him into a anti-hero type character and this issue shows some of his depth of character and humanity. It gives him dimension and lets you develop a relationship with the character.

All in all, I think Red Hood and the Outlaws is written for a bit younger audience, or the same one that loves movies like the Transformers triology or any other popcorn flick. It's emphasizing style over substance, but I think if you look closely you can see the intentions and depth of the creators in the characters they've developed.


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