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Todd's Training Revealed

Many readers know that I was gravely disappointed in the first issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws when it debuted in the New 52 by DC Comics. I was among the camp that it was playing too much on how sexy Starfire was, how nonchalant Arsenal was, and Todd’s overall personality and look.

I’m happy to say that I did enjoy the second issue a little bit better, but honestly not by much.

The team heads to China where Todd is preparing to enter into another dimension where he trained with Druca and the All Caste to learn their warrior ways and teachings. The overall story was enjoyable, but I’m still not sold on these incarnations of these characters.

Scott Lobdell’s writing is a bit clamored, and it feels like “wouldn’t this be cool if” storytelling instead of an actual solid plot. The artwork by Kenneth Rocafort was pretty decent, but there were a couple of pages where it was all thrown together and I couldn’t tell what was going on. That being said there was a great reveal of Starfire in a limo that sort of used the panel layouts that the new Captain America comic is using over at Marvel.

Overall I’m giving this book a chance because I want it to be awesome. I love Roy Harper and Jason Todd and I really think they make a great set of partners. I’m not thrilled about Starfire’s inclusion, because she really doesn’t fit the archetype that the other two characters do. I’m going to give this issue a 3/5 for being better than the first one, but it still doesn’t meet my expectations of a Batman-related comic book.


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