matkrenz's Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 - Shot Through the Heart, and Who's to Blame? review

I want that baseball cap.

Review for Red Hood and the Outlaws.

The Story: We see how Jason trained a little and in the present how they got to China.

The Good: I had some worry that Lobdell would take away all of Jason's globe trotting training but with him putting Talia in here when she dropped off Jason at the All Caste kinda appeased that. In the previous issue a lot of people were wondering what the difference between Jason and Roy are seeing as this series might be an 80's action movie, here we see Jason becomes extremely serious when something terrible happens to people close to him and Roy takes everything with a joke, it just shows he has a bunch of problems and covers it up with laughs. We get to see that while Jason thinks Batman's way off doing things are completely stupid but he still picked up some tricks from him like the safe houses around the world. I really like Ducra, seeing an old mentor type showing to the young brash student he is wrong is always enjoyable and just shows how cocky Jason can be. And we also see that Jason can be a respectable person and respect people, while he might have found a lot of the teachers might have pissed him off they still taught him martial arts and self control and when he had to kill their reanimated corpses he scolded Roy for calling them trash. Rocafort's art feels very vibrant and action packed, he does character motion quite well and has nice panel layouts. As a sidenote I find it interesting that Roy has a baseball cap with a crossed Superman logo, it would seem even in the current timeline of the DCnu there might still be some resentment towards Sups.

The Bad: There was a sentence that irked me, it's when Talia and Ducra are talking and Talia says that Ra's was okay with Talia throwing Jason in the Lazaraus Pit. This makes no sense, Ra's was pissed when Talia disobeyed his orders but didn't do anything because he taught Jason would fail miserably. Also I want Starfire to get something to a personality.

The Verdict: This issue does a fantastic job at fleshing out Jason's character and continues with the fun of this series. The bantering is great and the action is short is sweet. But some conversations didn't make sense. This is a buy.

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