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Scott Lodbell and Ken Rocafort know how to WOW! an audience 0

Scott Lobdell practically embeds in this issue a huge: “HA-HA-HA! I’M STILL KICK @$$”The Good. Like I said before, no one does impressive character dynamics like Scott Lobdell. He is untouchable in that department. This is such a good read; the humor, the wit and the sass Lobdell is known for is right there for everyone to read. Lets not forget Kenneth Rocafort and his amazing art. I’d like to say that he is one of the best artists I have seen this New 52, detail and facial expression is effortl...

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"Let's Go Kick Some Ass....Team." 0

SynopsisJason Todd's past meets the present as his mentors before his days as the Red Hood have been killed.The GoodAfter reading the first issue, I was rather on the fence whether to continue or not. You'll be pleased to hear it gets better.One of the main bugbears of the opening issue I had (amongst many readers) was the characterisation of Starfire, however in this issue (despite not being in it much) she does seem a whole less promiscuous. There was several slightly inappropriate comments bu...

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The F-Team 0

While I did have a lot of hate for the Starfire incident of issue one, Roy and Jason's buddy-buddy moments before that at least made me hope it was a one time thing...with #2 I can say both; yes and no...  The good bits: Humor; it smile because it is present, though I am somehow feeling like I am insulting my own intelligence by finding Roy and Todds antics. Make no mistake, this isn't high-class humour where half the audience wont get it...bit like the A-Team movie really. Art; Rocafort is stil...

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Business or Pleasure? 0

To say that this issue is much better than the first issues does not say much for the first issue, nor should it even be taken as a compliment to this one.  I still didn't care much for the frat boy type of attitude, and the storytelling was kind of sloppy.  What was neglected to be mentioned at the end of the previous issue is that the action in the previous cliffhanger occurs in the past.  Does the depiction of women get any better here than in the first issue?  Well Kory is treated as more of...

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Hmmm. OK? 0

I felt conflicted while I was reading this book. At times I was getting really annoyed with how much of a douche Jason was being and how totally unlikeable he was (he just kills some bad guys and grumps about how he'll kill someone else), but then somehow Scott Lobdell pulls it around with the ending and I think we are seeing that underneath it all he's a good guy with good motivations. I think. That's probably a negative on Lobdell's writing, but it is just about working. I'm still not convince...

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A bad issue in a bad series... 0

So in this issue...we get Todd's semi-orignNo progress in plotA Talia that looks way too youngCharacters acting completely out of character for their previous incarnationsAnd Kori acting completely different than how she was acting in issue #1.Was anything in this book funny? Interesting? Anything that made me want to read more? Nope, and none of the details the the supposed plot made any sense with anything else we know in the DCU.This is a below average issue in what looks to be a bland to bel...

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at least its more competent than Superboy 0

I must say that this is an actual improvement over the last issue of this series. The smut was kept to a mimimum and there was actually some consistency throughout the story. I'm not crazy about leaving Jason's convoluted backstory intact though. I can see this being as unnecessary as leaving Barbara Gordon's time as Oracle intact in the new Batgirl. There are parts where the flashbacks are too jarring and I think the name ''The Untitled'' sounds fricking lazy but I'll live if this series actual...

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I want that baseball cap. 0

Review for Red Hood and the Outlaws.The Story: We see how Jason trained a little and in the present how they got to China.The Good: I had some worry that Lobdell would take away all of Jason's globe trotting training but with him putting Talia in here when she dropped off Jason at the All Caste kinda appeased that. In the previous issue a lot of people were wondering what the difference between Jason and Roy are seeing as this series might be an 80's action movie, here we see Jason becomes extre...

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Guard Says Stop, Just Kill Him With Your Awesome 0

The Good: Kenneth Rocaforts artwork is AWESOME. Everything is just so cool. Also, the sprawling architecture of The Hundred Acres of All is GORGEOUS. It reminds of something from God of War or Shadow of the Colossus. The panel layouts are pretty great. It's interesting that Nightwing and Red Hood both have equally unique panel layouts. We get some good development of the team dynamic. We get some good depth in this issue. Jason shows remorse for the forced killing of those who taught him the art...

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Exploring Jason's Past 0

The Story: Red Hood and the Outlaws travel to the Himalayas to find the assassins behind the murder of Ducra.  My Thoughts:I was excited for this second issue after finishing the surprisingly enjoyable first issue by Scott Lobdell. While I once again enjoyed this issue, some may not be satisfied since most of this issue takes place prior to the cliffhanger of the previous issue. This issue delves a little deeper into Jason's past while showing the events that led up to cliffhanger last issue. Th...

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Todd's Training Revealed 0

Many readers know that I was gravely disappointed in the first issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws when it debuted in the New 52 by DC Comics. I was among the camp that it was playing too much on how sexy Starfire was, how nonchalant Arsenal was, and Todd’s overall personality and look.I’m happy to say that I did enjoy the second issue a little bit better, but honestly not by much.The team heads to China where Todd is preparing to enter into another dimension where he trained with Druca and the Al...

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Sex, Drugs, and Violence 0

Ok, so there's probably not too much of the drugs cause there's children out there, but sex and violence? Lotsa that. Red Hood lays down the law, and Starfire is bangin'. Or should I say Smangin'?I really wanted to write a review about the first issue, but after reading the comic and hearing about all the flak that the creators were getting (mostly for the portrayal of Starfire) I figured I should hold judgment until the next issue. Now, in this issue, Starfire's sexuality isn't put in the foreg...

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Not Sure Where They're Going With This 0

Out of all the new 52 books Red Hood and the Outlaws had the most controversial start. The first issue contained some offensive content in regards to Starfire that was a bit difficult to comprehend, and it took a couple of interviews from the author Scott Lodbell to set the record straight. The second issue seems to make a start at turning things around for the title. As it was with the last issue Jason Todd’s presence in the book is the strongest. No longer is Jason the whiny brat from the stre...

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The 300 pound orange elephant in the room. 0

Is it possible to review this issue without talking about the giant 300 pound elephant in the room? I speak of course of Scott Lobdell's bold (brazen? sexist? miscalculated? brave?) new take on everyone's favorite Teen Titan, Starfire. I'm going to dodge the issue for a moment and try and be fair to this issue. I was not really impressed with the series introduction, but was curious enough about each character's origin that I picked the second issue up out of curiosity.Issue two continues to mak...

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where are these 3 going? I'm tempted to find out... 0

As a new reader to this book I found the storyline a bit difficult to follow, I’m still not clear on how and why these three bandits came together but the tone and the art of the book are compelling enough that I think I will give it a few more issues before I decide whether it’s a must-read or a skip-it. I found Starfire an interesting character, obviously the tone of the book places women in a heavily sexual role, although Starfire seemed far more in charge of herself than did the monstrous w...

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Red Hood Gets Heated 0

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 can out to some controversy. That aside the series is still coming out. How does issue #2 do?  THE GOOD:  I think the art is okay. It is really sketchy and I think that it has a quite a bit of detail. The story is where I start to stop liking. I really like seeing Jason's roots explained. I think that Scott Lobdell did that well and will give him credit for that. I also like how Starfire is in this ISSUE. I really like the fight action that we have in this issue.  THE...

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"Wings?" Really? 0

After last month's issue I have slightly lower standers for this series (#1 review), but still overall optimistic going into this one.Good:We start with a flash back of Jason showing his connection to the All Castle, and Durca. Which helps with some questions from last issue.There was a lot of action at the end of in this one. Jason is a total BAMF- fights with out guns and goes hand to hand on the zombies.Roy's anti-superman hat = hilarious (kudos to Rocafort), actually everything with Roy was ...

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Trouble at Home 0

I know that the first issue is a little rocky and I mention that in my review of the first issue. But this is where it starts getting awesome. The book opens up with Jason Todd's admission into the All, where Ducra greets the young rebellious pupil. The young and arrogant Todd is not accomadating to the centuries old woman. So he is thus put flat on his face. I love that we get to see the arrogance literally beat out of him in this book. We see that where he once was brash and over confident, so...

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