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Red Hood and the Outlaws

The Good

Julius Gopez does a great job on the art in this issue. The sketchiness of his art really makes the book feel much darker, and that really helps. The expressions are powerfully, especially in Roy's dream sequence. The action also looks very fluid and every move looks like it contributes something to the overall action scene. He also draws the Acres of All really well. James Tynion IV joins the book and this is a great thing. He makes the characters much more interesting in one issue then most of the other issues in the series. Every character really feels different from the other and it creates a really dynamic cooperation in the book. This issue focus on Roy and Starfire. This issue makes the characters fun and also makes them seem much stronger then they were before. Tynion also establishes his new take on the group while using plots left open by old writer Scott Lobdell. This was smart of him because it gives readers the best of both worlds. Jason's appearance at the end was interesting and it really makes you want to see how this is going to play out.

The Bad

Scott Lobdell's run on the book was horrible, so seeing the plots being carried over to the new writer is a little concerning. A new creative team usually allows for new readers, but this issue doesn't. There are also a few parts in this issue where a character talks to no one and reveals that she much stop these people. It just felt a little out of place. It also jumps around a lot in time. There are around three moments later in this issue and it feels like a lot.

The Verdict: 3/5 (Okay)

This issue isn't bad by any means. It's just not as good as it could be and will be I bet. James Tynion has proven he is a fantastic writer and I understand that he wants to wrap out plots that weren't answered, but it really sacrifices the new reader aspect that should have been in the book. This issue is probably one of the best of the series so far, and that means things are getting better. If you like any of the characters, then pick it up. If you are looking for a new start, check out Tynions Tumblr, for the update and you should be well off.

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