super_man_23's Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 - Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out review

R.H.A.T.O. 17

Jason is about to leave Wayne Manor after the events of DEATH OF THE FAMILY.

The Good

The aftermath events of DEATH OF THE FAMILY are here! With such an action packed main story in Scott Snyder's BATMAN, it is time to slow things down with the aftermath issues. What is good about this issue is that it follows Jason Todd's inner monologue and explaining how he sees things especially after the Joker's return and presumed death.

Scott Lobdell did a good job with this issue. The pace of this issue is very slow, however okay, because it allows the reader to take in all the information and sympathize with Jason Todd in how he feels like an outcast among most of his allies and mentor. That is great to see that even though Todd is a member of the Outlaws he still feels like an outcast because of his connection with the Joker. Lobdell did a great job at demonstrating this through Todd's inner monologue.

The unexpected ending of this issue is brief, however it does give readers something to look forward to.

The artwork by Ardian Syaf, Robson Rocha, and Ken Lashley is great. The artist that worked along with colorist and all the inkers did a superb job with the character designs. They know how to balance the dark inks and the colors to create a really beautiful comic book. Their visuals are different but unique.

The Bad

One character, Nightwing, was not really needed in this issue. He had a brief appearance and was never seen from again. His absence in this issue would have not added or decreased the point that Scott Lobdell was trying to get across to his readers.

The Verdict

This is a great jumping on point for new readers. With the Death of the Family story arc over, it is time to see how the characters deal with the aftermath events. Scot Lobdell does a great job with the story of this issue and really captures Jason Todd's inner workings and emotions. The artwork is superb as it is different and unique from most other artist. Overall this is a good issue that should be picked up 3 out of 5.

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