cerial442's Red Hood and the Outlaws #16 - Family Matters review

Teen Titans and the Outlaws

This issue was filler, but I still enjoyed it. I normally don't read Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I picked up this and the last issue, because I've been reading all of the Death of the Family books.

Picking up where the last issue of Teen Titans left off, Roy and Starfire are out to help the Teen Titans stop an army of homeless people infected with Joker gas. The Joker has the leaders of both teams, Red Robin and Jason Todd The Red Hood. The the plan is to stop the infected homeless people then go look for their leaders.

The Outlaws want to take down the infected, and the Titans want to save them. So the use of brute force, the infected are barricaded into a building. Roy and Bunker stand guard the rest of the teams go out to find a cure.

I wouldn't say it was a terrible read, and really was only necessary if you read Teen Titans or normally read Red Hood and the Outlaws. There was a cool scene with Roy and Killer Croc. There is also a setup with a certain DC comics badass mercenary, that should be interesting. We do get a little bit of the Joker at the end doing something, I'm sure we will find out in the next issue of Teen Titans.

Wasn't the worst thing ever, it kept me entertained while reading it.


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