wessaari's Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 - The Moon's Up, and the Sun's Down -- and a Thousand Starry Eyes Have Caught Me Dying! review

RHTO #13

Well hoodies, we are back in space in the final issue of the fighrt against the Blight. Kori and Kom take the fight to the leader of the Blight, while the rest of the Outlaws are soon to follow. This is an action packed, and emotional ride that will lead us to another threatening menace that is in "The Death of the Family"!!!!!!!!!! but on to the review


Honestly, it took me two time to read it to get a good verdict, but I gotta say that it definitely wasn't boring. We start off with the Blight High Lord explaining why the Blight is on Tamaran in the first place, a question that we have been wondering since issue 10 and slightly explained in issue 12. The Blight need to warm bodies of Tamaraneans to further on their species. Right after that, the two sisters come roaring in and taking down the Blight army. Slaves are then freed, and help against their captors. Jason, Roy, and Orn come following in and unleash a whole new definition of the word kick-ass, and is captured wonderfully by Green II. What seems like a futile effort to stop the mother-ship from just unleashing more warriors, is Depalo, K'tten and Isabel (ya remember her, she is still around damn it!) on the Starfire. Depalo tells K'tten to self destruct the ship and get herself and Isabel out of there. (The rest of the crew had already evacuated). Depalo then remembers the last time she saw Kori; the time she left the ship and went to Earth. He knew the pain she went through, and knew that the only way she could be happy is if she left behind Tamaran forever. She gives him a hug, which apparently is very uncomfortable to Dominators, and salutes her as she leaves her ship. It goes back to present time, where Depalo negotiates a surrender inside the heart of the Blight mother-ship and sacrifices himself to stop the Blight. Kori is then shown to have an emotional moment after seeing this, and asks for X'hal to watch over him forever. As if the times weren't hard enough, Blackfire is on a rampage when she is pierced by a Blight javelin thrown by the High Lord. Kori in a fit of rage, explodes her emotions in a giant fire ball which engulfs the Blight army. Roy and the gang appear to be fine, while they witness Kori take up the High Lord and eviscerate him to ashes. Komand'r is shown to still be alive, and is grateful for her sister and asks her to stay and rule with her. Kori graciously declines and although she forgives her people, she knows her friends still need her. Komand'r thinks while she is happy for her sister, she will need her help in the future for the threat of the Thirteen, and she would give her life if they were to ever come to pass. The Thirteen was mentioned in issue 12, and the Superman Annual. It seems that the Thirteen is a bigger threat than we realize and might play a larger role in the DC Universe. Roy finishes his narration thinking that even after everything they have gone through, the three are stronger than ever and nothing will tear them apart. He does not witness what is happening on Earth, on Starfire's getaway island, as the Joker picks up Jason's helmet and laughs menaically to himself.

Green II definitely stepped up this issue, and although I didn't think it was perfect, there was some definitely some epic, and fantastic art on the pages.


Although this is Rocafort's last cover, it is 100% misleading. Even though I suspected Blackfire to be a traitor, it is evident at this point that she is a good guy. Lobdell should have known this was a problem, and have another cover that didn't lead on the readers into a completely confusing direction. Now I though that in issue 11 and 12, Roy's narration was funny and enlightening. This time around, it was either really nice, decent, or annoying. We also dont need an explanation of who is who in the comic anymore, it seems as though Lobdell wants to make every issue a jumping on point for new readers, but honestly it has gotten old. And with that, the dialogue at certain times, was way too cheesy for my tastes. I though the Terminator line "Come with me if you want to live" was funny, but unnecessary. Also, the Joker seen at the end, although done incredibly well for Green II had a line that made me do a double take. "...And....Here.....We.....Go". Now Lobdell is obviously paying homage to Ledger's portrayal in The Dark Knight, but two iconic movie lines in one issue is a bit much for me. The art, although a huge improvement, had a few panels I didn't care for. People have been saying it, and I think I kind of agree; Jason's hood looks too much like Deadpool. I know Green II has to make his art unique and try to seperate himself from Rocafort, but just give the helmet a little look over next time and make something a little bit different. There was also a typo in Deplao's speech and when Kori paid homage to Depalo had a lower case "e". The comic is usually in full caps, so that threw me off. It just seem, there were a few stupid mistakes, along with cheesy dialogue. Lastly, even though I don't really have anything to complain about Isabel, I believe her character wasn't used to her full potential in this arc. I think it was nice, and funny to have her around, but at the same time confusing due to her behavior. This is also not a complaint, but I was really expecting Essence to pop-up, you know really pale chick and with shadow powers? She was totally kick ass, and had her own back-up for two issues? Ya Lobdell, please have her make an appearance soon, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Superman preview?!

I only have four words "Rocafort, you amazing bastard" lol. Seriously, if you are a Supes fan, pick that up.


This issue was another tough one to judge. We end the arc on huge development for Kori, and I think that is wonderful, but there were a lot of nitpicks and stupid mistakes to go along with it that dragged this issue down. This isn't the best issue, but it isn't the worst. I believe in the end, this was an average comic, setting up for something much bigger. I do think that the Thirteen is something related to the New Gods, and the Old Gods, which will definitely affect the DCnU as we see it. The next issue we have Superman making an appearance, which I don't know how I feel about that yet, and then after that the dreaded Joker arc. Seriously guys, I'm scared for Jason. Joker has been laying low for a year, and has been tracking the Bat-family and figuring out personal secrets. One thing is for sure, whatever happens Jason is not coming out of this unscathed! Til then see ya hoodies.

SCORE: 3.5/5


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