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RHTO #13 0

Well hoodies, we are back in space in the final issue of the fighrt against the Blight. Kori and Kom take the fight to the leader of the Blight, while the rest of the Outlaws are soon to follow. This is an action packed, and emotional ride that will lead us to another threatening menace that is in "The Death of the Family"!!!!!!!!!! but on to the reviewTHE GOOD:Honestly, it took me two time to read it to get a good verdict, but I gotta say that it definitely wasn't boring. We start off with the ...

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 0

THE GOOD: Timothy Green II doesn't exactly try to clone Kenneth Rocafort but he does add something special to the book. The sketchiness that he has in his style really does make the panels pop much more. The expressions are also fluid and they show what the characters are feeling without over doing everything. The story continues from Issue #12 and it ends like we would have though. We get to see all these character come together and really fight to repel the Blight invasion. It's very cool to s...

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The Fury of Starfire 0

I have been loving Red Hood and the Outlaws over the last year, and even though it isn't the best series out there it has really fun stories which have a lot of thought put into them. I am happy that Timothy Green II is doing art again as I didn;t like the art in the zero issue. Green isn't the best artist out there but as Kenneth Rocafort has moved to work with Lobdell on Superman instead, it would be hard to find a good replacement, especially seeing RHAO isn't one of the big series' in DC.I h...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 0

The Moon's Up, and the Sun's Down -- and a Thousand Starry Eyes Have Caught Me Dying!In case anybody was wondering, the stupid title for this comic is a parody of a song from Fame. Three cheers for Google for answering life's most meaningless questions.Thus far, I have enjoyed Red Hood and the Outlaws. I would not accuse issue twelve of greatness, but I though Lobdell crafted a very interesting origin tale for Jason Todd in the zero issue. (I am assuming that the bit about Joker making Jason Rob...

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Time to go back to Earth.. 0

Haven't written a review in awhile, so heeeeere we go.Good: Let's start off with the action. The action was solid and provided enough room for Starfire to take center stage again with Roy providing narration. Watching Starfire and Blackfire mow down Blight forces was pretty cool. We get some quick action spots of Roy, Jason, and Orn so they could get some face time. I really liked DePalo's scene too. He wasn't a major character and it might have been a little cliched of a scene, but hitting the ...

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