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Space Beginning to Stagnate

This issue.... has a FANTASTIC cover. An awesome Star Wars movie poster homage, complete with text in the same font. The layout is really busy, but channels that perfectly into an outstanding image.

Unfortunately, Kenneth Rocafort is surprisingly NOT on interior art, so opening up to the first page is a massive shock, seeing the drastically different pencil work of Timothy Green II. It just has a generic look, nothing like the wild expressive work Kenneth Rocafort delivers. The panel layouts are average, and the bodies are a little odd, there's no awesome details or anything; and Jason's face looks AWFUL.


And now that I think about it, the cover is great and all, but its misleading. Jason and Isabel get the focal point of the cover, but they do next to nothing in this issue. In fact, it's set up to have them do next to nothing in this arc, all they've done to this point is talk about their situation. EVERY. TIME.

In fact, this story's really beginning to stagnate. Arsenal's intelligence is highlighted nicely, as is his budding relationship with Starfire, and HER tactical intelligence is spotlighted in a very clever plan. But Blackfire is actually NOT evil, and thus what she was in the backstory? I dunno, it was confusing. And then we had some weird allusion to a potential multiversal threat related to Earth and Tamaran? The basic plot is so simple, but then it keeps alluding to some obnoxiously vague magical prophesied conspiracy; and then we've got Jason telling Isabel he's a street level hero...... This series is trying to do a wide range of tones and they just don't mix here.

In Conclusion: 3/5

This just wasn't a great issue, not a terrible one, but the art was weak, and now that we've finally had an issue in this arc that really highlighted the fact that they've been on this ship doing little of anything for about four issues straight. Just a lot of talking that hasn't really gone anywhere. And we still don't really know what the deal is with a lot of this.

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Posted by BatWatch

Good catch on the Star Wars homage on the cover. I noticed it in the lettering but somehow completely missed the positioning of the characters.

I recommended your review. I would appreciate it if you could look over my review and recommend it if you think it deserves it. If not, then I would like feedback. I'm trying to sharpen my writing skills.

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