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RHTO #12 0

Let me just say two things. This cover is worth the money........ Rocafort my hat is forever tipped in your favor, and second, like many hoodies, i am greatly saddened by Rocafort's departure, especially since he was suppose to draw this issue. But we must move on, and Green must show his stuff. We are back in space, with a whole lot of stuff going down, but on to the review.THE GOOD:We are back in space hoodies, and we are right where we left off. Roy continues to spill the beans about what hap...

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Space Beginning to Stagnate 0

This issue.... has a FANTASTIC cover. An awesome Star Wars movie poster homage, complete with text in the same font. The layout is really busy, but channels that perfectly into an outstanding image.Unfortunately, Kenneth Rocafort is surprisingly NOT on interior art, so opening up to the first page is a massive shock, seeing the drastically different pencil work of Timothy Green II. It just has a generic look, nothing like the wild expressive work Kenneth Rocafort delivers. The panel layouts are ...

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 0

THE GOOD: Timothy Green II is doing the art in this issue. He does his best for following Kenneth Rocafort. He adds a lot of details in the backgrounds. The way he draws the armor of the characters is very well done and he even makes it look awesome. The Blight that he draws looks evil as well. The story is very interesting and we get to see the reason why Roy was kidnapped so easily. The way that Scott Lobdell pulled that off was interesting and it really ties together the relationship between ...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Red Hood and the Outlaws 0

We Are Family - Come on Everybody and Die!I've been sitting on the sidelines of the DCNU for the most part spending my time reading mostly back issues of DC comics, but I was glad to hear that the Red Hood was finally getting his own series. Jason definitely has the potential to be a fascinating character, but his pre-DCNU appearances have been all over the map at times portraying him as simply a hero willing to use lethal force, and at times making him out to be a sociopath wacko eager to kill ...

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Little late review but whatevs 0

The Good: The issue was ok. I didn't find a whole lot standing out but it's come to be what I'd expect from Lobdell on this book. What I liked is the prominence of Roy as of late. I like that Lobdell is taking time to focus on other characters and not just focusing time on Jason which he really hasn't to a huge degree in this book. Roy has shown to be pretty clever even with operating the Starfire ship and his whole scheme to rescue Blackfire. We get good dynamics between the characters as usual...

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