Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

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The Good

With each issue, I can't help but chuckle over the outrage many had in regards to Starfire. This arc is pretty much focused on her. She's leading her own starship and is on her way to liberate her entire planet. If that doesn't convey the fact that she's an extremely strong female character, I don't know what does.

Throughout this mission, we get more sprinkles on the relationship between this 'un-team.' Roy has been portrayed as a bit of a goof but even with him, there's clearly more than what he shows on the surface. Throw in Jason Todd and there probably isn't another group of three better suited to be together.

After reading through the issue the first time, I realized I almost didn't really notice that Kenneth Rocafort didn't work on the issue. Thinking back, there were some times that I realized some things looked a little different but I must have been engrossed in the story so much, I didn't dwell or focus on that. If Timothy Green II is the new penciler and Blond is still doing colors, my fears over Rocafort shifting to SUPERMAN can be laid to rest.

As Roy was explaining the current happenings, we did get a flash to a concern I had previously. Jason's flight attendant friend, Isabel, that got pulled into this current mess seemed to handle being out in space too easily. At least there is some acknowledgment over it here.

The Bad

I'm trying to get used to Jason not only being out in space but being so friendly with Isabel. I'm not saying Jason was a monk before but dating was never something he was involved in. You could say it's about time he started thinking about that but I'll see how it plays out.

Jason did look a little off when not wearing his helmet. Towards the end, it almost looked like the inking had changed but the credits don't list anyone besides Green.

I always try to avoid solicits when I can. It's not always possible when it comes to writing about and reviewing comics. Seeing what could 'possibly' happen in issue #13 could spoil where this issue appears to be going. It's too bad this story is getting interrupted by next month's zero issue (focusing on Jason Todd, fingers crossed, Mr. Lobdell).

The Verdict

The Outlaws in space continues. Seeing Jason and Roy partake in Starfire's adventures isn't something I expected to happen when this series first started. Seeing it play out has been fun and you have to love the banter and relationship between the three. We finally have a new artist since Rocafort will be moving on to SUPERMAN. I almost didn't notice it because Blond continued to do the colors and I was focusing on the story. There were some minor issues but the book appears to be in safe hands. The story is getting interrupted by next month's zero issue but stuff like this has happened in other titles before. It'll just serve to build up the suspense. RED HOOD is continuing to be a fun ride in a comic book form.


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