guardiandevil801's Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - I Fought the Law and Kicked its Butt review

These Guys Mean Business!!!!

As the New 52 began i checked this comic and it was awesome. I'm so digging the new Red Hood costume because its better than his last one and is cooler. The new story great and shows Roy and Kory different now. I actually like the new Starfire because she tougher, does what she wants and looks very sexy. Roy looks cooler and is funnier too. The story shows Jason saving Roy and introduces the new characters and story. The ending will leave you wanting more and the art looks incredible too. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because it has some great action, amazing art and introduces the characters and story well. I would recommend this to new readers and I was surprised how they changed Starfire and wonder what's going to happen next for them.


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    A solid beginning to a great story 0

    My review of red hood and the outlaws (issue 1):Even though I like Grayson a lot, red hood is my favorite robin and its good to see him have his own team. Kenneth Rocafort’s art looks fantastic, even though I'm not a fan of Jason's mouth...on his mask. Scott Lobdell is a talented writer and you can see that here. Arsenal adds a nice comedic touch to the comic, kind of weird being that at the start of the issue he was about to get executed. And then there is starfire...I was originally disgusted ...

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    Yes...I willingly read a story featuring Jason Todd 0

    Red Hood is busy putting together his team of mercs when his complicated past inserts itself into his present.The GoodI really liked the art in this book and many of the design changes didn't bother me at all.There was a lot of action in this issue and that looks to be the status quo from here on out.There was some genuinely humorous banter between Jason and Roy.This book clears up some of the things about Titans continuity I was wondering about.The BadDon't like Jason's new mask...seriously hel...

    9 out of 10 found this review helpful.

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